by John

I am 78 years old and want to get some muscle without lifting heavy weights. Will every day isometrics be suitable or should I train every other day?

Will appreciate your advice. From John King

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Oct 26, 2015
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by: Debra R. Gupta

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Feb 26, 2014
Best start
by: Paul from Isometric Training

Hey John,

Firstly I applaud your decision to continue to put your health and training as a priority. I see men as young as 30 give up on their fitness and strength. It's refreshing to see your motivated.

You're also quite right in that you don't need to lift weights - in fact lifting weights would likely damage your health not improve it.

I recommend daily isometric training though one should rest a body part for at least 7 days between isometrics. So on a Monday I'd work my neck, Tuesday my back etc. I go into great detail on developing routines and scheduling your training in my Perfect Body program which you can see here - www.perfect-body.me

Hope that helps,


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