Isometrics Anytime, Anywhere

by Dan

Great article! I have been doing isometrics for a little while now, just when ever I have a spare five minutes I will push my hands together etc. It doesn't matter where I am. I also bought a device from which is helping me monitor my progress.

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Apr 19, 2011
at 61
by: timothy keating

Being 61 and felt slow and tired, got into doing dynamic tension and isometric exercises and in the first week felt awake stronger heavy walk wanting to do more each day. After 1 month I cleaned out my apartment of clutter and much to my surprise other people especially girls (there're all younger than I) started commenting about what changed about me.They woke up my brain "the exercises" my diabetes my blood sugars dropped around 90 to 110. I love doing more exercises holding my head higher remembering who's no.1 ME. STRESS disappeared sleep longer deeper. at work I will do ISOMETRICS I have a long lead pipe that I use for 7 isometric exercises. I think I invented golf exercises, no just kiddin lol but feel that i can hit the ball longer. Just did another exercise. 11:40 pm est. Timothy Keating 4/19/11

Jan 24, 2010
The Versatility of Isometrics
by: Stephen Hopper

Hi Dan,


Like you, I'll often perform isometrics at opportune moments throughout the day. Being able to fit one's training into a busy schedule is just one of the advantages of this type of training.

Many thanks for the heads up on the Jym training apparatus. I have just this moment ordered one.

Be safe and well,


Dec 28, 2009
Isometrics Anytime, Anywhere = Awesome!
by: Paul from

Hey Dan,

That's great to hear man. That device looks interesting I'll have a look at that in more detail and perhaps post a review. Fancy doing a review for me Dan? Does anyone else have one of these devices?



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