Isometric Split Routines

by Joseph Brown
(Newcascle, UK)

Are Isometric split routines recommended? For example on Mon your could train the shoulders, back, and biceps. On Wed train the legs, chest, and triceps, then train friday with shoulders etc. Week 2 start with legs and so on?

Also what do you think of Siscos Static Contraction where you train body parts once every 2 weeks?

Thanks joe.

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Sep 30, 2015
Review NEW
by: Anonymous

Isometrics work a bit diverse in that one arrangement of muscles contradicts another arrangement of muscles, slightly less as you do something. pay to do my essay. A case is taking your hand and clipping it over your wrist and afterward twisting that arm while that hand over the wrist offers resistance somewhat not exactly what you have the capacity to use in twisting that arm. Somebody remaining before you with their palms out and you pushing your punches out each one in turn, substituting every arm as they offer resistance is another isometric activity and you can do a wide range of them with an accomplice for your legs and arms.

Jan 22, 2010
Isometric Split Routines
by: Paul from

Hi Joe,

Great question and I answer that in detail in my Perfect Body Porgram, so I can't really give away a full training routine here. However, you are partially right, the trick is to allow for a full week of recovery between each muscle group, but still train daily. I provide full templates for the that in Perfect Body and have a full 49 day program designed to go along with it.

As regad Pete Sisco, Pete got many things right, but a whole lot more wrong. I've actually written quite a lot about his methods and was inspired by his work in part of Project Dragon.

In fact I used to help people on a forum dedicated to those methods. Unfortunately many many people did not get results and there is a very specific reason why this is, again I have this covered in detail in Project Dragon.

If you want to send me your email via the contact me page I'll forward you some of the private corresspondance I've had in relation to Sisco and SCT.

In summary he had a great idea, made some brilliant advances and then totally screwed it up.



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