Is Your E-Book Available in Paperback/Hardback

by Lonnie
(Taft CA)

Is the 7 second e-book available in paperback/hardback?

If not is it available as a dvd? I am very interested in the 7 seconds program. I do not have my own computer. I use the office computer and cannot put the info on it.

Thanks for all the info you share!

Yours Truly,

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Jan 22, 2010
Physical Product?
by: Paul from

Hi Lonnie,

That's a great question. Unfortunately I don't produce a physcial book. All my products, including 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, are digital books, designed to be read on a computer. This is because they feature more than just text but moving images, audio and video as well, that couldn't be captured on a simple printed volume.

Also a professionally printed edition of the oversize 250 page volume would be VERY expensive, not to mention costly to the environment. It would also take time to get a physical product to you, and with an e-book that isn't an issue, as such I produce the books in a digital format.

Of course you're welcome to print a copy if you have it.

Finally as regard the DVD's I do have videos of all the exercsies I teach, however, I don't make them avaialble publically. They're kept for Perfect Body, Arms and Abs owners. The reason for this is I strongly believe that unless you have read the material and gone over the anatamoy etc, you won't get the full benefit of isometrics from just the vidoes.

Hope that makes sense and aswers your questions.

All the best,


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