Integrating kettlebells with PD?

by Tom

Hey Paul

I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate kettlebells with PD? I was thinking of using certain kettlebell movements that should improve martial arts attributes such as hip drive etc. but I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to use them if it would interfere with PSR recovery?

I thought maybe I could use kettlebells to train certain movements such as swings to improve hip drive. I wouldn't do these movements on the same day as PSR and only on off days but not going to fatigue and staying fresh.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


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Nov 15, 2011
Kettlebells and PD
by: Paul from

Hi Tom,

I like kettlebells, but they're a novelty more than anything. You can if you wish use them in PD, but use them in the free weight exercises only.

While exercises such as the hip thrust, snatch etc are excellent they aren't good for fiber conversion which is the goal of PD. Once you've reached your physique and strength goals you can certainly work with a limited amount of additional kettlebell exercises to develop additional athletic attributes, but that's more skill than anything.

All the best,


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