Increasing 100m Sprint

by Kevin
(Sydney Australia)


I would like to increase my speed. Do you have any exercises to increase 100m sprinting?

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Feb 15, 2010
Increasing 100m Speed with Isometrics
by: Paul from

Increasing 100m Speed with Isometrics

Hi Kevin,

Isometrics, and all forms of resistance training improves speed, acceleration, strength, and more. The only way to become faster is through stronger muscle tissue and increased neurological efficiency. The stronger the muscle tissue, the harder it contracts. With the practice of isometrics as taught in the course the body learns to contract your muscles much much faster and as a result this increases your speed. This is just one of the reasons that Bruce lee practiced isometrics so extensively.

As regards specific exercises to improve running speed your best bet is to focus on the calf and leg exercises obviosuly. That said, you must train the whole body. It's all about having a strong kinetic chain. If you just focus on your quads for instance and build their contractile strength, that's all well and good, but failing to train the hamstrings, abs or back can easily
lead to hyper extension, and your speed will also be reduced by slow movement of the feet though to the shoulder if they haven't been trained.

This is one of the reasons I focus on whole body training in 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body course.

Finally remember Bruce Lee's own words on speed -

" If you want to move faster, just move faster".


The ideal solution to improve running speed is to increase lean muscle tissue and perform frequent neurological adaptation training. Basically put, run as fast as he can for short burst, maybe just 2-3 minutes, and always finish fresh. By this I mean never run till exhaustion, this simply teaches the body to be fatigued. Train frequently and fresh to condition and teach the nervous system proper muscular engagement.

On a side note, the reason Isometrics works so well for speed is because they increase the strength and thickness and number of fast twitch muscle fibers. ;-)

You can find free isometric exercsies for the legs here - and more specific exercies in my Perfect Body Program here -

Hope that helps,



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