I'm a "dragon" so much death...to barren life...

by bernie

Hey Paul & ya all....So why should I get get or need a copy of Project Dragon? Lets use the excuses following;!)I am way over-short for my wieght.2)Though I have never broken a bone in my body, due to Marine Corps training (and stupidity) ruined every joint below my waist. 3)After doing sumersults with 750 lbs motrcycle(not recemmended).my back is growing artritis! 4) I have worked in a pysch ward/nursing home for the last 14 years and hold the record for the most injuries in one year! 5) I suffer or enjoy bouts of manic depression so if nothing else I can be very entertaining (or boring)
Yes, those are "excuses"!!! The reality is though Ii have all those "challenges" I am greatful to still be alive!!! I recentlly recall a incident while I was a the local vet clinic ... I was feeling sorry for my self because of back pain... A man at least 20 years younger walked in on a artificial right leg... perspective is every thing!
I already ordered "7seconds" and then found this contest. Paul ,after reading your site and the "bloody fast response" I got for correcting my order ,you gained a costomer for life !(until death anyway!)

Whether I win a free copy of PROJECT DRAGON or not important now and there are no excuses ! I will work with what i got for now ! Just save a copy of PROJECT DRAGON for me!!!

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