I want a second chance while I am still young enough to do something with it!

by John
(Lennon, Michigan,USA)

Well growing up I was a top level athlete. I competed at the City, State, Regional and then International levels. I did Martial Arts, Soccer, Running, Lifted Weights, Wrestled, and ran Track and Field events. I was beat up and injured from years of over training and injuries from my adrenaline junky days... Time and Time again doctors told me my knee's where shot or my ankles or my back and time aand time again I proved them wrong.

Fast forward to 37 year's old and I am fat wreck. I am about 100lbs too fat and am grossly out of shape. I need to improve my aerobic functioning, get my blood pressure in check, and lose about 100lbs of body fat.

I can not do long cardio workout because finally my knee's and ankle are just too bad to do hours of cardio. I hate lifting weights and doing push-up's for hours at a time too. I need something that will be short, intense and to the point. I like wise am tired of trying to starve myself to lose a few pounds when I know I need to lose 100lbs.!

I have three sons age 8,8, and 12 years old. I used to be very active with them but I feel so run down and tired all the time now. I want to set a good example for them. I want to get back into shape for myself. I want to have the ladies check me out because I am buff again not because I am an old broken down duffer!

I want to instruct my 3 boys in a manner that is going to set them up to be the best and to injury proof them so they do not get hurt like I did playing sports and training for sports!

I am convinced I can get back in shape with the right help or information. I am currently training but making little progress. I need a system that is all in one well thought out so I can succede. In the last few years I have lost my job, lost my house, sold just about everything I have ever owned. I am attending Nursing School because the Auto Industry in my State has collapsed.

I have wanted to use your program but just could not afford it. It is hard to spend $79 or more on a training program when you are trying to feed and clothe your 3 kids on what ever little work you can scratch up.I am sure it is worth every penny. Between looking for work constantly, taking care of my kids and attending Nursing School I am always short on time and money!

So the idea of an all in one system that is complete and will tell me when to eat, what to eat and how to train sounds fantastic! It is exactly what I need to be the best man I can be and to become the man I used to be!

So even if I am not the one selected to receive your free copy I want to thank you for the chance to win! I am a friend on face book and you have inspired me a lot. I love what you are doing to change the face of fitness. I believe that everything you are saying is true and possible and I would love to be a poster boy for what can be done with your system!


John and family Jon,Dillion and Gabe

P.S. I am cleared for training by my Doctor. I have though had problems with Tachycardia, High Blood Pressure and am missing about 1/2 the cartilage in my right knee and ankle articular cartilage. I do take medication for my blood pressure and tachycardia and would love to get off that junk!

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