I recommend Isometrics for rehab all the time

by John

Ok a lot of people get hurt lifting weights because everyone thinks any moron can lift weights. So people are forever performing free weight exercises with what amounts to terrible form.

Like clock work you always read about wrist, shoulder and elbow injuries all the time. Lots of time it is strain related to improper ROM or it is an over use injury. In the worst cases it is both.

In addition to to the usually initial R.I.C.E treatment I usually recommend vitamins A,C,E,B-COmplex along with zink. To get around over use injury and keep them strong I always have them do Isometrics.Short of some injury requiring surgery I have never had the above fail to fix a shoulder or elbow issue. Wrist's are hit and miss.

When it comes to shoulder's I do not think you could ask for more rehab or pre-hab bang for the buck then isometrics.

I am not a fitness professional but I have been exercising seriously since 1982 and never been hurt or injured lifting weights. I have seen hundreds though not as lucky and am often asked for advice when a persons doctor just hands them pills and tells them to not lift weights. I have rehabbed from athletic injuries from sports many a times and isometrics where almost always an early part of rehab.

I owned 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body in the old e-book format before it stopped working.

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