I Need Project Dragon to Get Back in Action

by Paul Brown
(Plymouth, Ma, USA)

Well I just had back surgery in October and I need to safe, effective program to get me back into shape. I need a program where I can get my strength back without risking any additional problems for my back. I have been told by doctors NOT to lift weights any more, that I need to settle for doing some light cardio ie...walking, and some light stretching. Well I have to do something to get my strength and muscle back please help. Thank you

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Nov 06, 2010
Balance of life
by: Tom Eaton


I would suggest Reading "Pain Free for Woman" by Peter Egoscue, the title is aimed at attracting a female reader, but it is good for males to read too, he has previous books on the subject of the Egoscue method. The method is about realigning your muscles and being powerful, the ability to move without pain. He has loads of nice exercises which doing 20 mins of them can workup a sweat for the best of us...

After a while, If you want to help build strengh up more in a good way while keeping your body working as it should (all muscles aligned) I would purchase a TRX Kit: http://www.trx-fitness.com/

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