He's a scammer

by Pastor Walt
(Miami, FL, USA)

I used to buy into Matt's stuff. Had Combat Conditoning, Combat Abs, Combat Stretching and received his daily e-mails. He even added me as a friend on Facebook 3 years ago.

First off, the exercises work. I will say that. The exercises in Matt's book are good. However, they are good because they have been time tested. All he did was throw them together with poorly featured black and white pictures with bad instructions.

How is he a scam artist then? Look at the products he offers.

First there is the Matt Furey Exercise Bible. That is a blatant rip off of Karl Gotch's exercise bible. All Matt did was change two exercises and put tacky looking cartoon pics of himself. Gotch never charged and his "exercise bible" info is on the net for free. Furey charges $34.95! Well, I can use a deck of UNO cards and make up my own.

Then there's the Chinese sex secrets, ripping off psycho-cybernetics, his "primate power" crap. His "psychic defense."

Then there's the ripping off of Farmer Burns. You can get the Farmer Burns course for free online. I know because I have it and it's good. Matt charges $35.00.

Matt also claims Hindu pushups are superior to dive-bomber because of the feeling of "connectedness." Matt is taking Hinduism, Buddhism and trying to make money off it.

Bottom line, Matt Furey is a modern day snake oil salesman and is in the same class as crooked televangelists.

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