are there any exercises to help myopia?

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Oct 16, 2021

by: Batman from Isometric Training

Yes, many but none of them are isometric in nature. I do a lot of work in Ophthalmology in my clinic as vision problems often occur in my patients.

I teach them a series of vision and focus exercises, including various focusing exercises. For example, a simple one is where you hold your index finger a few centimeters in front of your eyes and focus on it. Gradually move your finger further away, while continuing to focus. After a quick break, look back at your finger and keep it focused as you move it back towards your eyes.

This is then progressed to objects at distance, moving pencils etc. Moving the eys in specific directions like in figures of 8, using barrel cards, beads etc.

I also frequently teach a pressure point sequence used in Asia to increase blood flow and circulation to the eyes, and to strengthen Qi and Blood. This includes using points such as Bl-1, Bl-2, St-2, EX-HN5 (taiyang) and Liv-3. But instruction in such methods is beyond the scope of this site. If you want to arrange a consultation where I can teach you these feel free to send me a message via https://www.isometric-training.com/contact_me.html

All the best,


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