Dream's, Desires,Reality+ Project Dragon=Reality

by wjbaumchen
(Michigan, USA)

I could list my med's and my health issues but in reality I think it is clear I need help. I am 325lbs. have a heart that is not in the greatest shape, high blood pressure, and have some bad joints. I need to turn my life around.

I think your program will get me turned around and back into shape if I follow it! I think you have hit on the right program combination of diet and exercise and methodology.

If I win I can give you any medical finding you would like from Doppler reading of my heart, bio-z bed information about my heart, blood vessels and body composition to full on stress echo cardiograms. Photo before and after are a no problem. So it really comes down to you and what you are looking for in a willing subject.

Yes I am cleared for exercise by my Doctor and yes I have a back ground in exercise and yes I will do as I am instructed. Tired of dieing a little bit more each day and want to turn my life around.

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