by Ken Eichelberger
(Muscatine, IA. USA)

I am 56 years old and am in somewhat reasonable shape for my age. However, my fitness journey is marked by a lot of inconsistencies, starts and stops, etc. I have failed to find a program that does not consume a lot of my time or demand religious trips to the gym, or more importantly, inevitably lead to injury or burnout.

I am married, work full time, have 3 kids and am involved with other activities. Just when I start to going on a program something comes up or all to often I injure myself and then get very frustrated. I am looking for a program that is somewhat "natural" and works with my lifestyle, body, etc. I also would like to have a program that I can teach and do with my wife and kids.

I interested in isometrics and bodyweight exercises because I think they are more natural and will also benefit my overall health - not just make me look good. I also want something I can "take with me" when we travel to California to visit my wife's family or go on other trips.

Thanks for considering me....

- Desperate

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