Desperate Need

by Raymond Ginnivo
(Adelaide, South Australia, Australia )

Hello Paul,

Over the years I have tried numerous exercise programs, I have been to gyms, boxing gyms and have numerous injuries to show it, I have spent LOTS of money of gyms and personal trainers to finally get in shape, they all lead to dead ends. They just keep taking my money.

I was always the last person to be picked at the school gym, it made me feel so embarrassed, nobody ever wanted me on the team. I was bullied and picked up for being scrawny. I have always admired the great strong men like Bruce Lee and dreamed of becoming like them one day.

My appalling fitness has deprived me of a good life, even my own friends and family,people who i consider to understand me make fun of me because I am so skinny and weak.

I have the motivation, I followed gyms for 4 years and they lead nowhere, I saw some improvements but nothing major. Suffering physical abuse because of my weakness has had a huge impact on me.

My comments about Project Dragon

Project Dragon is great! The contents page is quite comprehensive, I like it that you have given us many different types of programs and also emphasise the importance of the vital organs like the heart and the lungs unlike other fitness programs which don?t even mention that. The stuff about immune system is really good as I suffer from a lot of allergies and building up a good immune system will allow me to get out and about!

You program is the best because you go to incredible detail such as the biological detail and also because it covers a whole range of people.


It so comprehensive, the videos really help.

It is for these reasons that I think I should get a free copy of Project Dragon.

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