by Danny C
(Road less traveled, IN)

Yeah, I bought Combat conditioning in 2001 and it was not as I expected. Maybe I expected too much.

It is a good book for some new types of exercises, but you can find all that stuff on youtube right now. Just google some of Frank Samrock's stuff. It is the same stuff.

It is a good book for education more than to actually follow.

The only thing I dislike about Furey is that he uses his 2 years of wrestling at IOWA as his leg to stand on. Basically he is saying, "I wrestled for Dan Gable, so everything I say works." He leans too much on that and everything he says goes back to how he was coached by Dan Gable. Then he left IOWA and went to Edinboro because he could not start at IOWA. His emails always spoke of wrestling and IOWA. After the first dozen I was well aware that he wrestled under Gable.

Also, he stated in his book that he uses Jungle Boots for his "Road Work." Those boots are not good for working out. He appears to have low intellect for someone who has a college degree if he can say, "If they are good enough for the soldiers, they are good enough for me."

He seems to not have much knowledge of physiology and how the body works as he uses many urban myths that are completely unfounded. My favorite is the fact that he states, "Doing pushups while holding your breath develops lung power." Please explain what "lung power" is. I have a Masters Degree in physiology and I will completely destroy you in a debate in that respect. There is NOTHING that holding your breath while exercising will do for you in therms of "lung power" or even oxygen usage. I would like to see the data from a fingertip pulse oximeter that he has to confirm those claims.

He is not 100% full of it, but he is nothing special. I think that his book was worth half what I paid for it and I say that ONLY because of the education of what those exercises are.

That is my experience.

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