Daily Isos

by T.C

Yo, I would like to know which produces the best results: 1. Doing Isos Daily (Whole body) vs Having a rest day between?

2. Since fast twitch muscle fibers can be active up until 15secs, will my abs also get the best results for Myofibrillar growth if I do Planks for 15s instead of 2-3 mins and up?

3. And, as I get stronger, My muscles will still experience Myofibrillar growth if I do say, 15s sets of 4 (1x4) and increase the sets, Right?

4. 1:2 vs 1:3 rest ratio?


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Mar 06, 2016
Hold Times and Better Contractions
by: Batman from Isometric-Training.com

Hi T.C.,

These articles will answer that;




Quick version:
Higher intensity contractions held for 5-12 seconds increase FG thick and explosive muscle fibre.

Lower intensity contractions held for 1-5+ mins mostly work the SO Endurance fibres.

Full details are found in my Perfect Body (www.perfect-body.me) and Maximetrics (http://www.isometricmastery.com/maximetrics-live/)

Hope that helps,


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