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On page 262 of the 7 seconds to a Perfect Body book, you state that eating quicker can give you 2 days worth of calories. I wanted to know if you meant that eating, lets say a 300 calorie meal very fast could make it virtually a 700 calorie meal for example,

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Dec 27, 2021

by: Batman from Isometric Training

Em, no. You've read that wrong.

If you eat a 300kcal meal in 60 seconds, it does not become a 700kcals. That makes absolutely no sense.

What I said was that it takes 20 minutes for the food you have eaten to register with your brain that you have eaten. This means that if you eat quickly you can very easily overeat, and you could easily consume 7000lcals (an avg male 2 days) worth of food in a matter of minutes.

If you eat a 300kcal meal in 60 seconds, you're still going to be hungry, so you will continue to eat more food and excess calories.

Slim people don't do this habitually, they eat slowly, so the body registers, "I have eaten, I can stop eating" before they have consumed a large number of calories.

You can't make calories appear out of thin air.

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