Burning Spirit of the Dragon

by Al
(Corona, CA USA)

A little over 3 years ago I embarked on a personal journey starting at the 367lb mark of morbid obesity to a dream goal of 190. 
As I write I now tip the scale at 253 - no pills, shakes, no cuts, incisions etc - my journey thus far has been 100% natural though far from easy.  

Yet I can't seem to move forward ... bearing the same weight for almost a year now. 

I love your program! Makes a lot of sense to me. 
But I am a guy who will always throw caution to the wind when new paths beckon me ... 
So as this SACRED FiRE of my life's journey burns before me, I now find myself standing at a crossroad: Do I take the path of the Holy Grail or do I follow the Way of the Dragon?

Thank you Paul. 


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