Bullworker Vs Perfect Body

by Saeed Abdullah (British Expat)
(Doha, Qatar)

Dear Paul,

I would like you to make some sort comparative study that compares perfect body with the bullworker.
As I said in the recent testimonial I sent you, I believe the bullworker becomes redundant and useless after a while whereas with perfect body you are not limited by any spring.

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Jan 31, 2017
Bull NEW
by: Anonymous

Weight training has not been around for very long. Isometrics were used throughout history to great effect, producing the strongest men ever.
Much of the hype around modern training is to do with money, not the effectiveness of the training. Modern day training requires gym memberships, personal training and the purchasing of training equipment, etc. Hence all the bias and lies.
Alexander Zass could carry a horse and break chains through isometric training. Many others could perform similar feats through this training.
Cut the cr*p !

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