Bruce Lee Chain Exerciser

by Joshua

Hey Paul

Quick question for you... I recently made my own isometric device which is just a board I stand on with a chain and bar attached to it. I typically mimic weight lifting motions (curl, shrug etc)to exercise. I go full out on each exercise.

However, I am noticing that I am too tired to finish the workout 5 or so exercises in. My question is...I read a lot of reports about the benefits of compound movements (mostly the deadlift). I was considering doing isometric push ups, chin ups, pull ups, deadlift, back bridge (Matt Furey kind while pushing in it), and v-up for abs.

Obviously doing all of these purely isometrically. Is this wise? My logic is, why not hit more muscles in fewer excerises rather than hitting so many muscles with a load of exercises. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul and take care

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Oct 31, 2019
A fine subject to study.
by: Toby Madrigal

I have been studying Isometrics for some time. I began with a metre length of heavy chain and I bought a selection of handles and mountenearing-type clips to attach the gym machine handles to the chain. By varying the length of the chain by placing the clips, I can perform various moves.
My boyfriend has noticed a vast improvement in my physique and is most impressed. I have rapidly lost my belly and am far fitter. Although I'm 46, I can move like a 26-year-old. I can even get away with dressing like one!

Aug 18, 2011
Compound Exercises and Isometric Devices
by: Paul from

Hi Joshua,

The isometric device you have fashioned is similar to the portable one Bruce Lee used. However I am more concerned about the fatigue you feel during your isometrics practice. Are you following the Perfect Body Program?

One of the main advantages of Isometrics is muscle isolation - this allows complete contraction of the muscle leading to faster gains, as opposed to whole body movements which only lead to partial recruitment.

In addition I wouldn't recommend pursuing this type of whole compound chain workout without proper supervision, doing techniques like a dead-lift under high tension without moment can be dangerous without proper supervision. *IF* you were intent on doing something something like this however I'd recommend you do as Bruce did - and stick with his basic 8 isometrics using that device -

Press lockout
Press start
Toe raise
Parallel squat
Shoulder shrug
Quarter squat

Hope that helps.

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