Bruce better than Arnold?

by Zackary
(Eatontown , NJ, US)

Hey I've lucky enough to be blessed with superior genetics as far as gaining muscle mass is concerned. However I don't feel comfortable going to gyms and have been reduced to exercises I makeshift at home. Bruce Lee, in my opinion, had the most desirable body I've ever seen, even more so than Arnold. I'd really like to get into his training style.

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Apr 23, 2011
Bruce Lee's training method
by: Mon


I've been using Bruce Lee's training method for a couple of months before I migrated, right now, I barely get any exercise, well at least we get things sorted out.

Compared to a body builder workout where you gain mass, Bruce's workout can be more exhausting...

Far from typical isolation workouts, Bruce tends to combine multiple muscles in one workout session.

His basic workout is as follows:

- Flat bench
- Good morning (I do dead lift for this)
- dumbbell pullover
- Clean and press
- squats
- overhand barbell presses

Bruce only do 2 sets of 8 for dumbbell pullover as he didn't want his body wider (which is an easy target)

I customized this program by separating chest and triceps on a different day to be able to do a complete routine (flat, dip, and incline, also because it's exhausting doing all things at once.

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