Brain Ninja

by Jarell
(Norwalk, Connecticut, USA)

Constantly improving back development as a result of isometrics

Constantly improving back development as a result of isometrics

This article was great, and it's clear that you enjoyed yourself, which is good. Expanding to horizons of the website would be very interesting to see. As a high school senior prepared to go to college, the part about reading volumes of books weekly and retaining the information would be particularly helpful :)

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May 03, 2011
Jarell You're Awesome!
by: Paul from Isometric-Traning

Dude, seriously awesome back development! Keep up the great work!

Our anonymous poster also has some great points in regards to seeing the bigger picture and knowing how to learn - however, you can make that an awful lot easier on yourself by simply learning some easy principles.

For instance, here's a quick one - why are keyboards laid out in QWERTY style?

The answer may surprise you - it is done this way to be DELIBERATELY CONFUSING.

You see early typewrites keys jammed when laid out in alphabetical order - the mechanism couldn't keep up with how fast humans can type, when the keys aren't jumbled all over the place.

Today, we use computers, with microchips that allows us to type without jamming the keys, and yet we STILL use the QWERTY layout.

By simply changing the layout of the keyboard to an alphabetical or Dvorak style you can type up to 300% faster in as little as 52 hours of practice with the new method.

I use this everyday to answer the vast number of emails I receive and to type articles and ebooks with blinding speed. Currently I type at about 160 wpm.

As a result I can easily complete written work in a fraction of the time it takes others. ;-)

Apr 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

The key is quality study time. Grasping the big picture and the meat of the idea. Some things you need to remember forever but most things knowing where to find the information is the key and knowing what to do with it once you find the information.

The true purpose of learning is to learn how to think. How do you ask the right questions when the time comes so that you can understand things no one yet understands? How do you ask the right questions to solve any problem? It is not by memorizing all kinds of information and spitting it back out! It is learning to think critically both vertically and horizontally depending on the task!This is no longer taught in our school systems from even at the University Level! In fact if you think for yourself too much and not int he way the Prof. wants then you will likely not get the grade you deserve.

The most important thing you can do in college is build your professorial and social network with he right people and the right teacher's! When it is time to get into a great position who you know will be more important then what you know! The right letter of recommendation or three can make the difference so stand out in every class that matter's with smart questions and answer's and good test scores!

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