Better Than Ever!

by Larry Milam
(Indianapolis, Indiana, united states)

I want my health and fitness to be better than ever, still recovering from a head on car accident. In 2008, which sustained a cracked c2 vertebrae in my neck, crushed right hip and femur and a cracked knee cap. Along with severe MRSA infection and with 23 surgeries to my left hip.

I used holistic healing with 100% therapy exercise to kill my infection and save my leg from amputation. From crawling out of my bed and wheelchair to my crutches and walker to a cane now almost walking on my own. Prayer and having the will to not accept the doctors's saying I'll never get back to my former health.

Well they are amazed at my recovery so far,and working out when I did iso's, hindu squat etc.... I read paul's isometric site an I knew I was on the right path. When I go back this spring for my check up, I want to do a 2 finger pushup and a one legged squat right in front of everyone, just to see their mouths drop open with plenty of flies flying in their mouths.LOL!

I believe project dragon is the next level of fitness I've been looking for. Though I'm not sure of all the program intells but I know I can do most of the program.

Paul even took time to answer my questions during this healing process, so I feel i'm on the right track of knowing iso will benefit my hip and leg more. I'm willing to empty my cup and walk on(literally) as Bruce Lee will say. I put in the work on my health not to loose my leg (because of the mrsa infection)

I could put in the work with progect dragon. And lastly I never knew all the benefits that come from doing iso's but I am excited to know where my fitness level can possibly get to! Getting back better than ever! Peace

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