Are resistance bands isometric?

by Jonathan

I already know about isometrics, but I also train with resistance bands. I was wondering if resistance bands are some kind of isometrics?

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Jan 22, 2010
Steve's dead right
by: Paul from

Hi Jonatahan,

Steve's dead right. and I couldn't have said it better myself Steve, thanks.

Just to expand on what Steve said...

Resistance bands are a tool, and in my opinion not an overly useful one. Most use them to move through a full range of motion, which I usually don't recommend. You can of course use them in an isometric manner, however the question is why?

The probelm is there is NO consistency of contraction at all. For instance depending on where you stretch the elasitc and it's tensile strength at that point it could be different to when you try it the next time. Furthermore there is no need for such devices as your own body provides INSTANT kinetic feedback to you when using your opposing limbs or gravity as resistence.

Thus you can instantly alternate adjust and refine your own tension and muscle control, thus producing a superior response in shorter time.

At least, that's my take on it.



Jan 12, 2010
Resistance bands
by: Stephen Hopper

Hello Jonathan,


Resistance bands are not inherently isometric, per se, but they can be used isometrically. Stretch the bands to their fullest extent, and hold for 7 seconds. That is isometrics. A towel, a chair, a table...these objects are not isometric, yet they can be used as tools for performing isometrics. Pull and press on them for a static hold of 7 seconds. It is not the object as such, but the way one uses those objects.

Kind regards,


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