by W.
(New York)

I have loosely followed Furey's guidelines and some of them are invaluable. You can get them on the internet for free. You can even get his workouts online for free, with his scanty descriptions.

For example:

This is not much different than what you'll find in his books. Beyond that, breathing techniques are critical, and that seems to be his whole package. The man is a RAGING capitalist.

That said, I'm in the best shape of my life, mostly doing the Royal Court to augment martial arts training. The reason I got so excited about Combat Conditioning is because the Royal Court emphasizes flexibility and breath-work. I will no longer do any workout that leave me more tense than I was before, even a LITTLE. Goodbye weightlifting. I have had the good sense to experiment on myself, and work and adapt forms based on my own physique. Anyone blindly following Furey as a guru is following just another capitalist out for his own well-being within his capabilities of understanding well-being. One should be in good shape, maybe. But one should be in good shape because one is doing something for which it is worth being in shape.

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