Acid vs Alkaline in Diet?

Dear Paul,

So I've arrived at "Feeding the Dragon" Book 3 Bonus Chapters. The nutrition of Excellence.

Meanwhile I've done some leafthroughing and found nothing about a recurring health-theme of today:

the acid-alkaline balance in our bodies.

Too much acid might have caused brittle bones, artrosis, hernia and the like.

So my question to you, if you will, is: what is your opinion about this acid-alkaline balance , it's importance etc?

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Jan 12, 2012
Acid and Alkaline Answered NEW
by: Paul from

Hi Ton,

The acid-alkaline issue is just hype. While it's absolutely true that an overly acidic based diet can damage the bones etc, an overly alkaline diet can do equal damage. And the issue has been blown completely out of proportion and used as a marketing gimmick, with complicated diets and specialized programs designed to address it. And for nothing. It's looking at the veins on a singe leaf and missing the entire forest.

I teach and focus on the basics - you get the basics right, the 10 steps and then you don't have to worry about micro managing little details like acid alkaline balance because 1) they are the 1% that if you haven't gotten the rest of your diet right, then it's won't matter and 2) because when you eat right, according the the 10 principles I outline in PD, it's all ready taken care of.

If you recall PD habit 1 - EAT PROTEIN! (That's acidic), Habit 3 - (Eat 2-3 servings of veg every time you eat! (That's Alkaline). As such if you follow the principles I've laid out then you're getting at minimum a 1:2 ratio between acid and alkaline, ensuring that maintain proper balance.

Why introduce a problem and over complicate people's understanding of nutrition when the problem is already solved and you can maintain a simple approach? ;-)

Hope that helps,


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