A 66 year old Full Time Paramedic's Story

by David Sofi
(Lexington, SC)

Yes, I'm approaching 67 years old, I'm answering 911 emergencies up to 64 hours weekly, raising a Special needs Granddaughter who is approaching 6 years old, who needs lifting all the time, and caring for my 93 year old father.

I need Project Dragon to keep in full health and fighting form for at least another 15 years. Who else will be lifting my Granddaughter? Not my 65 year old wife. She's already suffered a hernia with surgery because of my falling father.

As a civil servant I'm not paid well enough to handle everything I must do. A free Project Dragon would be the best thing this year!

EMS is a young person's field, and at that we lose about 50% to injuries, especially back injuries. I'd love to show the results to my fellow co-workers and to prove to them that Project Dragon and isometric training is what they all need to adopt. Isometrics is the only exercise routing that's kept me going.

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