Isometrics for a Long Life

The Best Reason in the World to Train.

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Isometrics for a long life is, in my opinion the BEST reason to train in this physical disciple.

  1. Yes Isometric Training will build muscle (articles that here).
  2. Yes, Isometric Exercise will burn fat incredibly fast (article on that here)
  3. Yes, Isometrics will make you faster, stronger and reduce your risk of injury (articles on those aspects here).

And YES, Isometrics take as little as 7-12 seconds to perform and the benefits can seen almost instantly...after a workout you will feel rejuvenated, vital, full or energy and enthusiasm. (Unlike more conventional training like weight lifting to failure, where you feel tired, beat up, inflamed, sore, nauseous and yes, even depressed - chronic over training can easily lead to depression and even in extreme cases PTSD. Imagine that, workouts so badly designed they can cause PTSD! If you want more info on that, just let me know in the comments below.)

And of course the you'll see improvements in your strength as much as 5-15% per workout...(more on that here) and the results will last over a year without any additional training (more on that here).

However - none of those AWESOME benefits to Isometrics are why I train. They just happen to be gravy. The reason I train in Isometrics is this - 

Yep...Isometrics for a long life is the one of the hidden key benefits of the old martial arts. Above you've seen a demonstration of swordsmanship clip. This is an 85 year old master, Omori Sensei demonstrating Iai with a heavy steel samurai sword. I don't know many 85 year old's that live to that age and still command such strength and ability. Most of them don't have knees or hips that would let them move like that, let alone pull off a demo like that. But he's not alone. Check out this clip....

Most of the great Iai (Japanese swordsmanship) Sensei live well into their late 90's, even the early 100's and still train daily. How? 

Of course they are not alone....check out this clip....

Here we have master Ippei sensei of the Meibukan Okinawa Goju ryu. He's 75 years old and built like a powerhouse. The man is a solid rock of muscle. How? 

The answer is at the 2 minute 39 seconds mark. 

Isometrics for a Long Life - The Secret of the the Sensei's? 

Kanazawa Sensei practising Sanshin kataKanazawa Sensei practising Sanshin kata

He practices a kata, a pattern of movement known as Sanchin. This is a whole body form of Isometric and Isotonic tension. It is a 2 minute, remarkably intense Isometrics and Isotonic routine. During the kata you are often pucnhed and kicked - this is to test your muscle contraction -

  • Are you maintain the isometric tension in the parts that are planted and still?
  • Are you maintaining Isotonic tension as you move from one Isometric position to the next?
  • Are you performing internal isometrics correctly with your breathing? 

It is in the performance of such a daily discipline that Isometrics for a long life is achieved. By training daily in Isometrics, you build superhuman strength, vitality, energy and muscel that supports you the entirity of your life. 

Yes, I love my strength, Yes I love being lean and muscular, yes I love being able to physically do what I can do and train in my martial arts, delight my wife with feats of strength, but I want to ENJOY THAT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. 

I want to be able to what I can do NOW when I am 90! I want to stronger and fitter in my old age than I am now, I want to be able to beat my grandchildren in arm wrestling when they are in their 20's! :-) 

That's what I do it. Isometrics for a long life. 

Heck, not just that - I do Isometrics for a long life that is filled with freedom, strength and vitality. 

I do Isometrics because I live an AWESOME life and I want to keep doing that. I want you to have that too

Imagine, never being 'old', infirm, weak - that's the power of Isometrics for a long life. Start training NOW - you'll thank me when you're 90 . ;-)

This is a great place to start - CLICK HERE. 

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