Isometrics and SCT

- Isometric Training FAQ 16 -

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Isometrics and SCT - the Isometrics FAQ no 16, part of the Readers Questions Sections, where each issue I'll highlight a new question and provide you with a detailed answer.....Feel free to contact me with your questions here - contact me.

This week I'll be continuing to answer several of Anthony's questions on Isometrics, and in this case the the different effects types and functions of Isometric contractions and more...let's take a look ...

Anthony Asks: 

I've been on Perfect Body just under 3 weeks now and loving it. I'm recovering alright I believe even though in Static Contraction Traning, Sisco I was training about once every 25 days. There is a more concentrated harder contraction in Perfect Body yet I somehow am able to recover. You explained to me its because its less taxing on the structure etc.(isolated rather than compound).

Plus I'm doing it in about 2-3 joint angles for most group so the muscle is getting more than one iso contraction. You sure im recovering? 25 days before to 7? I seem recovered so we'll see in upcoming weeks if I get any over training symptoms or not.

Also is it possible to do Perfect Body and Project Dragon workouts? For example Perfect Body 5-6 days a week then a Project Dragon workout once a month? or is that too much?

Thanks again for everything man.

My Answer: 

Hi Anthony, 

Glad to hear things are working out well with the training. It's early days yet, so reassess when you hit the 7 week mark. :-) 

As for Perfect Body and Project Dragon...once you've mastered muscle isolation as per PB you can of course integrate the two. In a Perfect World scenario - this is what I do and perhaps something you can try eventually...

I do Perfect Body daily - at sub 60% contraction to increase blood flow,  circulation and nourishment to my muscles. If there's a lagging body part, say biceps or something I'll do the specialized arm routine found in the 49 day bonus program. While doing that I keep my HGH and TEST levels high with one Maximetrics workout every 2nd week and alternate that with a DSR routine. ;-) So week 1 Maximetrics, Week 2 DSR, Week 3 Maximetrics and so on. I perform my DSR and Maximetrics routines on the Dragon Gym, gyms don't have the resistance I need. :-)

Then I also throw in a few DFR's to boot. ;-) 

All the best,


Anthony Asks:

Do you think though its possible for you to have the development of maxick or even compete in a natural bodybuilding comp of you used isometrics in a certain way to have muscles like that? How would one do that if your doing 7 sec isometric contraction and a natural body-builder?

Even with Project Dragon which I know you cover in Isometric Mastery, how would one modify the workouts differently to get a Bruce lee body vs. Body-builder muscles?

You're doing such heavy weights regardless your muscles are going to be a good size and or very dense...

My Answer: 

Yes, one could if one wished compete in natural body building comps using Isometrics. One guy, Dave who is a featured testimonial on the Perfect Body sales page did just that. ;-)

As for the manner in which isometrics build muscle, you can drastically differ in muscle growth according to the method of application.

For instance the contractions I teach in Perfect Body first and foremost produce increases in strength and neurological control of the muscle with a muscle growth. This is done through what we call myofasical growth. The actual muscle fibres get thicker - this dramatically increases muscle strength without a substantial increase in muscle size - a slight increase in muscle fibre thickness will not impact the cross sectional thickness of a muscle. 

By contract the isometric contractions I teach in Project Dragon and Maximetrics increase muscle size dramatically - this is due to sarcoplasmic growth.These isometrics produce an increase in water and glycogen and sacroplasm within the belly of the muscle leading to a substantial increase in cross sectional thickness. This does not increase the thickness of the muscle fibres much. 

Different contractions + different times = different results. :-) 

You can also then look at what muscle fibres are being targeted, thin SO fibres, thick FG fibres, medium FIG fibres etc. (I'll explore this in detail in the NEXT FAQ. :-D )

Then you look to diet and other factors to further influence physique development. 

All the best,

In the Next FAQ I'll cover different Fibre Type's and How Different Contractions produce different results.... 

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