Fitness Motivation

- MY Secret Weapon - 

By Paul "Batman" O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Fitness Motivation can be hard to find... I write this for publication in the first week of January and I know 2 things;

  1. Most people make a new years resolution regarding getting in shape, losing weight and being healthier. 
  2. By the 7th day of the year - they'll have quit or failed. 

You don't have to be one of those people, This year YOU can be one of the of the 5%. The 5% who succeed in life and in their goals and you can do this where everyone else has failed thanks to one of my little secrets....I'm going to share with you my key fitness motivation mastery technique and a few other insights to help you stay on track and MAKE THIS YEAR - YOUR FIT YEAR!

The mind is the most important tool you have, and something I spend a LOT of time on in my coaching programs. If you can focus your mind, body and emotion on a goal it WILL be achieved. There is simply no way of stopping that momentum. 

That's a lesson I learnt well over the years of martial arts, training with Special Forces unit's around the world and in the field of fitness and business. 

  • It's why I have packed fitness programs that are booked out years in advance.
  • It's why in the last 4 months I've written 4 books.
  • It's why I have a fully booked out medical practice.
  • It's why I can simultaneously run my businesses,  my multiple online programs, write these books, travel the world, go on crazy adventures and continue to learn. 
  • In the space of just 3 months last year I completed a 3 year post graduate course in herbal pharmacology, a certified NLP course, a certified photography studies course, a life coaching course and more. 
  • It's also why I have the physique and the strength I do. 

And it's something I want you to have access to as well. Each of us has that power,  that will off unified strength and determination that allows you to achieve any goal you set yourself, to succeed in any venture, because you will imply keep going, undeterred until you do. It is an attitude where you do not quit. 

And that's all well and good for me. But what about you, and how did this ranging fire of achievement start to burn?

The Most Rare Mental Commodity

Motivation, and fitness motivation in particular is the most rare and fragile of your mental gifts. The rarest and most valuable form of energy we have is will power. Most of us waste this precious commodity on things we don't want, resisting them, maintaining "emotional control" etc. 

We get a tiny bit of it each day, and we often waste it on things that aren't that important (like holding back our true emotions). Part of the process I've been taking you through is to help you remove such obstacles and thus free your will power to implement far more important matters. 

The trick to success in any endeavour, to maintaining fitness motivation is to apply that small amount of will power to keep moving you in the right direction, to move you towards habitually right choices. For when we are in the habit of training, of eating well, of living well, we no longer have to expend will power on ensuring this. Then we can move on to the next goal knowing that we will automatically continue upon the path and repeat the steps necessary to succeed. 

And that process takes about 30 days. 

Building Habitual Fitness Motivation

In order to build a new habit, a new way of being and acting, takes about 30 days. If you do something every day for 30 days it will develop unstoppable momentum, and in fact it will take massive will power NOT to act in that positive manner. During these 30 days there are 3 distinct phases the body and mind move through a very distinct process that once understood will free you from cravings, relapses and the fear of failure. 

Every 10 days represents a phase and different things happen in each.

Days 1-10: Defiance. Trying to defy the habit and it's gravity. Everything in your body, mind and emotions will scream at you to stop, that it's too hard that you can't do this. Much in the same way that most of a rockets fuel is used to break free of gravity, you need great will and awareness to break free of poor thought and action patterns. Knowing that you're body, mind and emotions will seek to weaken you, you can steal yourself in advance against these obstacles. 

Days 10-20: Resistance. Now the body/mind/emotion has an active resistance, it's not screaming in defiance, but you won't naturally feel like doing it yet. Your mind will naturally provide petty excuses. Be AWARE and counter this. 

Days 20-30: Acclimation. You start integrating the new habit and the resistance starts going away and the habit is becoming the natural thing to do. 

In order to succeed in this program or any choice you make in life that steers you towards improvement and away from easy and comfortable choices that lead only to poor results and lifestyle you need Will Power and Awareness to battle through those 30 days. 

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