Optimum Anabolics Review Week 3

Sunday, October 01, 2006

By Paul "Batman" J.O'Brien 

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. IMed., Dip. Adv. OBB, Dip. CHM, M.AFPA., M.C.Th.A.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Body Composition Previous, Current, Difference

Height – 66.5”, 0
Total Bodyweight –164.2lbs, 162.2lbs, -2lbs
Body Fat – 13.7 – 14.4%, 13.0 - 14%, - 0.4-0.7%
Hydration Levels – 59.6%, 60.1%, +0.5%
Visceral Fat – 2, 2, 0
Lean Muscle Mass – 134lbs – 140.5lbs, 139.8 lbs -141.4lbs, + 5.8lbs
Bone Weight - 6.8 lbs, 6.8 lbs, 0
Metabolic Age –14, 14, 0

Body Measurements Previous, Current, Difference

Neck – 14.1” / 36cm, 14.1” / 36cm, 0
Shoulders – 47.1” / 119.5cm, 48” / 122cm, +0.9” / 2.5cm
Chest – 41.4” / 105cm, 41.3” / 104cm, -0.1” / 1cm
Bicep R. - 13.7” / 35cm, 13.8” / 35.5cm, +0.1” / 0.5cm
Bicep L. – 13.1” / 33cm, 13.2” / 33.5cm, +0.1” / 0.5cm
Forearm R. – 11.3” / 29cm, 12” / 30.5 cm, +0.7” / 1.5cm
Forearm L. – 11.3” / 29cm, 12” / 30.5 cm, +0.7” / 1.5cm
Wrist R & L. – 6.5” / 16.5cm, 6.5” / 16.5cm, 0
Abs at Navel – 32” / 81cm, 32” / 81cm, 0
Hips at Iliac Crest - 35” / 89cm, 35” / 89cm, 0
Thigh R. – 24.2” / 61 cm, 24.6” / 62 cm, +0.4” / 1cm
Thigh L. – 23.4” / 59cm, 24.0” / 61cm, +0.6” / 1.5cm 
Calf R. –14.4” / 36.5 cm, 15” / 38 cm, +0.6” / 1.5cm
Calf L –14.4” / 36.5 cm, 14.8” / 37cm, +0.4” / 0.5cm

Total Improvement 4.4”

Now this is interesting. You’ll note that my overall weight has actually dropped by 2lbs, however, my body fat has also dropped and my lean muscle mass has shot upwards. Wooo!!! Now normally I’d be a little more suspicious of the scales readings if it weren’t for my reflection in the mirror.

There is substantial difference - not only from my perspective but, more importantly, from another perspective entirely.

A good friend of mine and incredible masseuse offered to give me a thorough going over for preparation for Hell Week starting on Monday. I graciously accepted. Now she hasn’t seen me since I started this program. When I took off my shirt her jaw actually dropped. She couldn’t get over the fact that my shoulders and back had widened so much and that my chest was so much more defined along with my abs.

This awe of my physique quickly turned to complaint as she found it extremely hard to work with my body – it had as she put it “turned to warm marble”. Of course I was delighted with this.

The largest improvements have been in shoulders and back nearly adding another inch to my frame! Also the extra inch on my forearms has not gone un-notice and in comparison to my tiny wrists they are beginning to look quite impressive. Finally I’m fairly pleased with my claves as well.

One last comment I’d like to share – She asked me when I was planning on stopping the program. I replied not for another 12 weeks, at which point she kind of looked worried. When I asked her about this she simply said – because you’ll be too big to work with. How cool is THAT!!!!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 1 Week 3 - Workout Shoulders

Superset 1

Internal Dumbbell Rotation –13.2 (x 12), 8.8 (x 10), 8.8 (x 10), 8.8 (x 8.)Dumbbell Military Press – 13.2 (x 12), 13.2 (x 10), 13.2 (x 10), 17.6 (x 8.)

Superset 2

Rear Dumbbell Raise – BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 10), BW (x 8.)Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 8.8 (x 12), 13.2 (x 10), 13.2 (x 10), 17.6 (x 8.)

Superset 3

Front Raise – 13.2 (x 12), 13.2 (x 10), 13.2 (x 10), 17.6 (x 8.)Arnold Presses – 13.2 (x 12), 13.2 (x 10), 13.2 (x 10), 17.6 (x 8.)

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions


Today was an experience and a half. Today my workouts shifted to the realm of stupidity as I added in another set of 15 reps, meaning one single body part was put through 318 Repetitions! What’s more I had a total of 30 seconds in which to recover between exercises. That was just enough time to frantically grab the next weight and swill some water around my mouth and then BAM right into it.

After the third set on the second superset I crossed the pain threshold. By this I mean I was sore, to point where I physically couldn’t take it anymore – and then nothing. Total mental oblivion. There was no fatigue, no pain, just the movement. Perfect form, perfect breath.

This is something I regularly experienced in the dojo. We would be drilled relentlessly repetition after repetition. Punch after punch, kick after kick. Kata after kata, until our limbs and minds were exhausted by the ordeal – then the training takes over. The only sound you here is your own breath and that voice – always at the same intensity screaming at you ONE MORE, and the battle cry of the Japanese Karateka ‘Gambarai Masho!” (meaning fight on!), echoing in an empty hall.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I last experienced that. There is an incredible peace that I find difficult to explain when you push past that point. Past the burning, past the pain to a place called mushin no shin, a state of no mind. Everything fades away. There is no worry about work, family, friends, obligations – none of it exists. There is only the movement of that moment, the breath.

I finished my final rep and suddenly like a dam bursting the pain floods in. By the time I made the short walk to the changing rooms DOMS had already set in. As I sat immediately trying to re-feed and stuffing myself with protein carbs and fat, my arms trembled with the miniscule weight of my protein shaker.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed that feeling of nothingness. This workout was incredibly hard, but, it has done more than exercised my muscles and tendons – it has in a way exorcised my doubts and my fear that perhaps I would fail in doing this. Today I am incredible grateful for my sensei’s teachings.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 2 Week 3 - Workout Back

Superset 1

Preacher Curls – 22 (x 12), 22 (x 10), 22 (x 8), 22 (x 8.), 17.6 (15)
Dumbbell Kickbacks – 13.2 (x 12), 17.6 (x 10), 17.6 (x 8), 17.6 (x 8.), 13.2 (15)

Superset 2

Barbell Curls – 30.8 (x 12), 30.8 (x 10), 30.8 (x 8), 30.8 (x 8.), 22 (x15)
Close Grip Bench Press – 77 (x 12), 77 (x 10), 77 (x 8), 77 (x 8.), 44 (x15)

Superset 3

Twist Crunch – BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 8), BW (x 8.), BW(x15)
Hanging Leg Raise – BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 8), BW (x 8.), BW(x15)

Notes - See Friday

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day 3 Week 3 - Workout Legs

Superset 1
Leg Ext; 77 (x 12), 88 (x 10), 99 (x 8), 110 (x 8), 77 (x15)
Leg Curl; 77 (x 12), 88 (x 10), 99 (x 8), 110 (x 8), 77 (x15)

Superset 2
Calf Raises; 99 (x 12), 99 (x 10), 99 (x 8), 99 (x 8), 88 (x15)
Deadlift; 99 (x 12), 99 (x 10), 99 (x 8), 99 (x 8), 88 (x15)

Superset 3

Not performed

All lifts are in lbs

Quick Note – really annoyed with my right knee. Again too much strain left me feeling that squats would do more harm then good so I skipped this final superset. Also having to switch from exercise to exercise leaves very little time to change weights – so I didn’t. This left my deadlifts quite short of what I felt could have been achieved.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 4 Week 3 - Back

Superset 1
Machine Row; 44 (x 12), 66 (x 10), 88 (x 8.), 99 (x 8.), 88 (x15)
Wide Arm Lat; 66 (x 12), 77 (x 10), 88 (x 8.), 99 (x 8.), 88 (x15)

Superset 2
Twisting Dumbbells; 27.5 (x 12), 27.5 (x 10), 33 (x 8.), 33 (x 8.), 27.5 (x15)
Chin Ups; 66 (x 12), 77 (x 10), 77 (x 8.), 77 (x 8.), 66 (x15)

Superset 3
Close Grip Machine Row; 44 (x 12), 66 (x 10), 88 (x 8.), 99 (x 8.), 88 (x15)
Close Grip Lat Pull Down; 66 (x 12), 77 (x 10), 88 (x 8.), 99 (x 8.), 88 (x15)

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 5 Week 3 – Chest and Abs

Superset 1
Dumbbell Fly; 22 (x 12), 27.5 (x 10), 27.5 (x 8.), 33 (x 8.), 17.6 (x15)
Dumbbell Press; 22 (x 12), 27.5 (x 10), 33 (x 8.), 38.5 (x 8.) 17.6 (x15)

Superset 2
Incline Dumbbell Fly; 17.6 (x 12), 22 (x 10), 22 (x 8.), 22 (x 8.), 17.6 (x15)
Incline Bench Press to Neck; 66 (x 12), 88 (x 10), 88 (x 8.), 88 (x 8.), 66 (x15)

Superset 3
Twist Crunch; BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 8.), BW (x 8.), BW (x15)
Hanging Knee Raise; BW (x 12), BW (x 10), BW (x 8.), BW (x 8.), BW (x15)

All lifts are in lbs

Notes and impressions

As may have been noted there has been no daily update this week. Hell week has earned its name – not just from a physical lifting sense but also from a psychological and sociological point of view.

The workouts have been brutal. The last 15 on each set is exhausting and more than anything has taken its toll on my mind. The mental effort to continue to contract a muscle when it has turned to complete jelly is hard, as is the realization that you have to do it again in the morning.

Each workout left me completely wiped out. After the post workout meal I’d retire to my new rooms and put up the treatment in progress sign, stick in a few needles and fall asleep. As a result I have had little in the way of DOMS. If I worked a 9-5 job I could do this program, but it would take a huge commitment and the complete rearrangement of life for the course of the workouts. This may not be a practical training system for many between obligations of work and family.

Starting the new clinic this week was also not great timing. With rushing between the two clinics and with my personal training commitments I can safely say I have allowed my diet to falter. I’m by no meanings feasting on Mc Donald’s, but the meal timing has been off and I haven’t managed to take in as many calories as I needed to from the right sources.

So what does one do when that happens? Quit and say well I screwed up what’s the point? No, you reaffirm, rededicate and do better next week.

In other news, a close friend may be very sick, and I am concerned and troubled by this. On the other side of that equation I recently reconnected with someone I hadn’t quite got to grips with as of late, and I’m hopeful that a new and stronger friendship will be formed. Another friend received a well deserved promotion, while yet another had a job fall through. Life is full of ups and downs, trial and tests. Most of which we impose on ourselves. Finding a balance between all these forces competing for your time and attention can distract you from what’s important and what you want, as it has with me this week.

With this in mind I will be re-augmenting my diet for next week as I enter a new phase of the Optimum Anabolics program called Hyper Adaptation. This week is much easier. Only three sets per exercise, and 1 minute breaks between the exercises and 3 minutes in between the Supersets – lovely.:D

I’ve also decided to add in some cardio. I miss it too much and I recently discussed it with the programs creator Jeff Anderson and he’s says its fine on condition it is spaced more than four hours apart.

I’ll also be re-introducing my extreme flexibility work trying to recapture the double jointed bendiness of my youth. Ideally I want to perform the road kill split again and to have my shoulders completely opened out for when I next see Emmet.

I’ll have a full write up of these new training regimes in the next day or so. In the meantime – it’s a beautiful windy day an’ my running boots are a callin’.

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