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Hi, It's the Year of the Dragon
January 23, 2012

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Hi and welcome to this January Special Edition of 7 Seconds to Strength, the Isometric-Training.Com newsletter

Today marks a VERY important day. It’s the first day of the year of the Dragon. And today marks the start of the final journey the most groundbreaking fitness program ever developed. A journey that began this time 2 years ago with a simple question –

What’s your greatest fitness goal?

I asked that question in a survey of my readers 2 years ago and the response was overwhelming. I received hundreds of answers. An outpouring of frustration, desire and passion. Some wanted to carve 6 pack abs and get ripped of course, but so many, far more than I expected wanted more –

To develop lifetime fitness both cardiovascular and muscular. To recover from injury To get in shape after 50 To experience higher energy levels, soaring strength and a plummeting waist line measurement.

So I began an experiment, a refinement of my earlier training principles, an audacious idea formed in my mind – could it be possible. Could I rebuild busted athletes, create lean muscular bodies capable of phenomenal strength, gifted with Olympic Athlete levels of fitness – and could I do it fast.

I did it.

And I did it time and again.

I developed a system that allowed people of all shapes, sizes, age, sex and condition to achieve these goals and more in 12 weeks.

Working out less than 20 minutes a week.

In fact working out less than 5.5 minutes every 2nd day. It was unbelievable. So I tested again, and again and again. I documented, I calculated, I tested it on myself. And the results just kept saying the same damn things. It worked and worked better than any other program I’ve seen.

Subjects went from resting heart rates of 90bpm to 35bpm in just 6 weeks, with less than a hour total training. They dropped up to 10% bodyfat in just 2 weeks – it just wasn’t possible till I saw it.

So I compiled the case studies, published them and the internet went wild.

In February I released the system to a select few for a little under 5 days. The response nearly overwhelmed me. I had to shut down applications 2 days earlier than I planned. I worked with these people 1 on 1 to reproduce the same results I had.

But it wasn’t the same. I didn’t achieve the same results.

It worked better.

The results were even more astonishing.

Finally, when I felt I was ready I re-released the program a second time in June of last year. This time I had to close it in under 18 hours.

Today, the first day of the year of the Dragon, I have decided am going to re-lease Project Dragon, my groundbreaking fitness, strength and body composition program for a FINAL time. It’s not available yet – I’m adding more content (last time I added 14 new books to it!) but it’s going to be out soon.

Keep an eye on your emails – make sure you’re signed up to the advance notice list –

Because the Dragon has woken.

All the best, your isometric expert and personal trainer,

Paul J.O'Brien

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