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Hi, Why Bother with Bodyweight Training?
August 22, 2013

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Why Bother with Bodyweight Training?.


Wow - ANOTHER incredible month at It's been a really busy month;

New articles, Guest interviews, New workouts .... ....and my latest programs and books are due to released soon!

Outside of all of that - I'm a 5 weeks into my year long experiment and it's been an interesting few weeks - not what I expected but I suspect it will produce even greater results than I had imagined.

Now outside of the new programs and books due to come out in Sept and Oct, (more on that soon....) there's been LOADS more exciting news for the world of Isometrics and there are 2 big announcements -

I've completed the very first TRAILER for the 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body program...actually that's a little lie...I've actually made 2 and I want to get YOUR feedback to help me decide which one is best!

Both will appear at different times on the Perfect Body Sales Page real soon!


For the 1st time....

in NEARLY 8 YEARS.....

I will be opening slots for personal coaching to the public!

What does this mean?

It means I will coach YOU - personally. I will design you training program, personally tailored to your goals and needs. I will coach you in your nutrition. I will set weekly goals for you. I will PERSONALLY monitor your progress and ensure you get the results you're looking for.

I will have more info on this extremely rare opportunity soon but for now...if you want the opportunity to be personally coached by me - LET ME KNOW HERE - ‎

You'll be the first to hear the details of my coaching programs and you'll have the first opportunity to train with me, before the general list and before the public. Last time I never made it to offering my coaching to the newsletter list - it sold out that fast and the waiting list ended up at 2 years!!!!!

Now with all that out of the way let's get on with the issue.... _______________________

New Articles - Workout without Weights


I've 2 new articles on for you to check out -

Calisthenic - Body Weight Training Get's Blasted:

Calisthenic Exercise is also spelt "Callisthenic" but thousands of people spell that word differently everyday, so let's not worry about the spelling too much and instead focus on the benefits of this type of training. In this article I'll give you a heads up about but also to give them a heads up on what this type of training is all about.

Check out the rest here -

And Part 2.....

Bodyweight Training - Why I Like It and HOW I Like It

In my previous article on bodyweight training -"Calisthenic Exercise", I focused on the many aspects of why callisthenic exercise isn't that great...but yet I STILL teach it - despite the superiority of Isometrics. In this article I'll explain WHY I LOVE BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES!


Members ONLY content


Meanwhile there's a load of new exclusive content for those in my Inner Circle - Isometric Mastery!

Master Your Metabolism - The 8-Week, Dragon Intermediate Program (NEW WORKOUT!!!)

After you've completed the 4 week program, you can now move up to the next level. This 8 week program builds on the foundations we established and moves the intensity, progress and adaptations up a notch. We're entering the higher heart rates zones and reducing.......

Master Your Muscles - The 5 Full Range Movements

No matter what is asked of your body, it comes down to just 2 basic movements - you Push or Pull. In the Dragon Strength Routine there are just 3 exercises that we must master and these exercises serve as the foundation for our routine.

The best movements to stimulate these actions involve what are called compound movements. Essentially these are movements of the body that use a number of joints at once and thus involve the greatest amount of muscle tissue, to create maximal stimulation. There are 3 exercises that fit the bill and.....

Master Your Meals - The 3 Roadblocks...

Diet seems to be a complex issue these days. Every week a new diet or new system comes out and claims to be the great solution to the weight issue, be it gaining weight (muscle) or losing weight (fat). The truth is that there is NOTHING complex about diet. There is no need for these complex systems. The problem with weight has never been ......

But WAIT - -------------------------------------------




Best of the Facebook Fan Page


Are you on my Isometric Facebook Fan Page yet? If not why not? I share loads of great training and nutritional tips, there are weekly Q and A's with me, motivation tips, and loads more besides. Get on over to

and LIKE it right now. Here's just some of what you missed....


August 12

Wow - do I feel incredible...but then again that's how incredible workouts make you feel! And today's workout anthem for me was - ...Getting strong now....won't be long now...PERFECT Lyrics for my workouts. :-)


August 11

So an interesting week. Absolutely no difference on the scales in terms of weight - but a MAJOR difference in body comp. In 7 days I've added 5.8lbs of muscle and dropped 3% bodyfat. Sweet.


August 2

Some very interesting stuff going on behind the scenes - I'm developing a new hub page, a centre of me about me etc and I'm using is as an opportunity to try out a new site layout. If I like it, I'll be rolling it out for Oh and yeah there's 2 other big announcements on the way. Stay tuned.


August 2

So I've been thinking - who's interested in an Isometric Training Movie Trailer....cause I am!


Check out these and OTHER EXCLUSIVE updates over at the Facebook Page - where you you can ask me your training questions!!! :-)


If you aren't on my Facebook page - you really should get on it. It's filled with tips, insights, new program info and my own workout progress and details.

All the best and talk soon,

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien

Maximetric's Master's!

As you know I released my advanced muscle mass building program MAXIMETRICS ( and man are people excited - and already getting great results from the training... check out the comments and feedback I've been getting...

" Hi Paul, I did my first Maximetrics workout yesterday -

WOOOW, that was the most intense workout I've ever done in my life, was shaking all over, in pain and probably lost 2lb in sweat in less than 12 minutes :)

I tried to follow your Maximetrics video sessions with 8 times of 10secs contractions per set with 5 secs rest in between contractions. Man, you must be extremely fit, as on your videos you managed to stay quite stable all the way through and kept within your 4sec rests in-between!"

- Emil


"Hi Paul

I just wanted to write this email to say Congratulations on Maximetrics. I recently posted on the PB forum asking a question on re-learning to contract a muscle after surgery. I was planning on waiting to purchase Maximetrics until I had gained some strength back in my shoulder, but the temptation was too much. I tried the contractions in Maximetrics and was able to contract my shoulder and back much better than with the isolation iso's. I will be sticking to Maximetrics for a while then back to PB once i feel more strength in my shoulder.

Thanks you Paul



"Hi Paul,

I´ve downloaded Maximetrics today. It seems fantastic! Congratulations!!!!

- Felipe"


BUT the best report yet came from the Facebook page fan Elizabeth Chen -

"I've actually taken my time over the last couple days to absorb all the info and practice the exercises without going all out yet (super intense just doing it, and I wasn't even getting serious with it yet!). And it's been SUPER helpful to go through all of this, as I realized that I actually wasn't going to "positive failure" and giving it my all on the 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body exercises, which makes a lot of sense to me now!

Have been applying what I learned over the last couple days to the 7 Sec. exercises and REALLY feel the difference. It's kind of amazing to me that I've been able to get such good results even despite not giving it my all previously, in that I lost all the weight I gained during my pregnancy 2 weeks after giving birth. I had done isometrics a lot during the pregnancy and they also helped me heal up and get back in shape, along with doing jujitsu twice a week since the baby turned 6 months old.

Am ready to take my body and fitness to the next level with this now, am really looking forward to it! Am planning on doing my first "Maximetrics" workout today, and will report back the results I get in the next couple weeks for ya! "

and then she updated a day later....

"OK, just finished first workout. Love it. Will follow up with results in a couple more weeks after a few more workouts!"

I can't wait to see Elizabeth's progress. She's going to be phenomenal. :-)

You can get the SAME program that these people are LOVING - right now -

MAXIMETRICS - Take Your Life to the MAX!

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