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Hi, To Hell and Back
June 09, 2014

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

To Hell and Back.

To Hell and Back. That's the plan to celebrate my 33rd Birthday. I'm going to Hell and Back. And I don't mean in JUST the metaphorical sense. I mean literally.

On June 14th, my birthday, I shall celebrate by undertaking the most gruelling test of strength, endurance and fitness in my country.

Hell and Back is 12 kilometre run with over 25 natural and man-made obstacles, including:

rock carrying, sniper alley's, mud swamps, sewer crawls, electric shock net's, tyre press, 10 foot wall climbs, mountain sprints, Bale stack climbs, and more horrible horrible things.

Check out the full awesomeness here -

I'm doing this, because I need a challenge. Yes I am stupidly strong. Yes I have awesome muscles. Yes I am remarkably fit....but I can't run. Never could. I can sprint really fast but I can do distance. Hell and Back is a UNIQUE combination of needing my remarkable strength, ability to sprint, but I also need to be able to endure distance and sustain that.

But there's another FAR more important reason for this.

I am also, along with my martial arts dojo (club) doing this for Down Syndrome Dublin, a fantastic charity that strives to enable people with Down Syndrome to live life to its fullest, and lead an active role in their neighbourhood, community, workplace and school.

Down Syndrome Dublin is a charity affiliated to Down Syndrome Ireland and the organisation consists of parents, carers, health care professionals, children and young adults with Down Syndrome. All the members are volunteers and they do great work and are deserving of some awesome support.

So...this is what I've decided to do.

Not just Hell and Back. Oh no.

We have a page set up for people, if interested to donate to our chosen charity and sponsor our Hell and Back challenge. You can go here to learn more about it...but I will do one better.

FOR EVERYONE THAT DONATES €15/$20 I will send that person the training guide I designed the Hell and Back Team, along with your choice of Injury repair guide.

You can choose what injury repair guide you'd like in your email. Repair guides include:

The Wrists Repair Guide, The Ankles Repair Guide, The Knees Repair Guide, The Back Repair Guide or The Neck Repair Guide

All you have to do is donate €15/$20 here -

Then contact me here - letting me know you've made your donation.

Once Hell and Back is completed I'll send you the training guide, workouts videos and more.

Thank you for support.

Now, on with this issue.

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien

New on

I have a new article and a New FAQ on for you to check out -

How Isometric Training Can Help You Develop A Bruce Lee Body

The Bruce Lee Body, is the epitome of physical male perfection for many. It is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. And if you want to develop a Bruce Lee body then Isometrics is one of the best options for achieving your goal.

Bruce Lee's strong and agile physique was the result of years of exercise and training, many of which involved the use of Isometric training in order to develop his muscle's elasticity and strength. So if you want to develop a similar body, you will need to carry out much of the same training that he did....


Isometrics and Maxick - Isometric Training FAQ 15 -

Isometrics and Maxick - the Isometrics FAQ no 15, part of the Readers Questions Sections, where each issue I'll highlight a new question and provide you with a detailed answer.....Feel free to contact me with your questions...

This week I'll be answering several of Anthony's questions on Isometrics and Maxick, the different effects of Isometric contractions and more...let's take a look ...


On Posing

Posing ...

Every great body-building practised a posing routine. That's isometrics basically. How come they didn't over-train by doing weights plus all the poses and flexing?

Also do you think isometrics with weights is better for adding muscle size that ISOs without weights and just your body and solid objects?

Check out my answers here....


Static Contraction Part 1 - An Introduction to Measured Isometrics

Static contraction is a form of Isometric Training. However it is generally more associated with Isometrics against some form of resistance, for instance a large weight stack. The majority of the exercises used in static training and large compound movements.

Static's can produce wonderful increases in strength and muscle when used correctly,

This can be an excellent way to test isometric strength and the products of Isometric Training.

However it is NOT a method I would least not for....learn more here -


The Problems with Static Contraction Training

In the last article I explained what Static contraction was, how it's used and why and explained the first problem with it as a training method - structural misalignment leading to possible life time damage. That said, with proper instruction and supervision, you can ensure that you are structurally sound in every movement...which brings me to the second point - movement selection...


The Final Problem with Static Contraction Training

In the first article in this series I introduced Static Contraction and explained how and why it may be used along with the first problem with the method - Structural weakness. In the second article I focused on the 2nd problem - compound movements and reduced intensity and now, following on that, the third issue -

Members ONLY content

Meanwhile there's a load of new exclusive content for those in my Inner Circle - Isometric Mastery!

Master Your Muscles: Phase 1 - Free Weight Exercise Instruction (NEW WORKOUT!)

The Following workout can be performed if you do not have access to the machines listed above, however my highest recommendation is to use the Machine Based Protocol of the previous chapter. The reason for this is simple; Many people tout free weights as an advantage because you have to recruit "stabilizing" muscles and sometimes the complexity of the movements adds to the effort...The truth is that....


Master Your Metabolism: Breath of the Dragon

Perhaps the most important thing I ever teach is breathing. It was the cornerstone of the Perfect Body program and it features heavily in this course as well. However, there are some differences between the Isometric Power Breathing I recommend in perfect Body and the breathing patterns for Project Dragon.

As I discuss in Perfect Body, martial artists, yoga masters and high-level athletes from all over the world have a secret weapon called "Breath Power." The ability to .....


Master Your Meals: Habit 4 - Let's Talk About Carbs! (Carb Chart!)

In my clinic, I teach the 10 nutritional Habits of Dr. John Berardi from his Precision Nutrition course. If you do nothing but apply these ten tips, you will have a thorough understanding of what to eat, when to eat and why; any time, anywhere and for any physique goal you wish, be it weight loss or weight gain. I cannot stress how highly I recommend that course and you can pick up your own copy here - Precision Nutrition System

However, as these principals are so utterly crucial, I'd like to spend a chapter going through them with you and helping you to integrate these into your life. I've changed the order around a little and go into some more detail than Dr. Berardi, but here is key habit number 4;

Read more here -



Master Your Meals: My Fast Protein Pancakes (Recipe and Instructional VIDEO!)

My Fast Protein Pancakes

No secret....I LOVE pancakes....but I also love my 6-pack and stunning strength and fitness and that means I can't overdo the carbs (remember Habit 4?) and I HAVE to have my Protein (remember Habit 1?).

So I have a solution - PROTEIN PANCAKES!!!!! Learn more here -

Best of the Facebook Fan Page

Are you on my Isometric Facebook Fan Page yet? If not why not? I share loads of great training and nutritional tips, there are weekly Q and A's with me, motivation tips, and loads more besides. Get on over to

and LIKE it right now. Here's just some of what you missed....

Okay - HILARIOUS news...FACEBOOK BANNED a post I made last Friday. Basically the results people are getting from Slim in Seconds are "unbelievable!"


But Creating UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS is what we do, right?

Now that post, also contained an offer and it's not fair that Facebook decided that you don't get to see it. So here it is -


Okay... a few days ago I got an email from Nicholas, it read;

"Finished a cycle of Slim in Seconds. I am down 10 pounds (total) and 6% body fat. Lost 3 inches off my waist alone and definitely added some muscle."

That's some pretty AWESOME results right there.

Now I wasn't planning this - this probably won't even make it to my newsletter list....BUT....

Here's an added incentive for keeping your lent vow and staying in awesome shape. I'm going to re-open Slim in Seconds - this is the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR I am opening up slots.

I plan to keep this open for a week. That's it.

Slim in Seconds is a 6 week program - a 42 day program. Would you like to lose 6% body fat or more by the time lent is through? Want to build an incredible body? Well then what are you waiting for.....


May 1st -

To time to talk Facebook. I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes info with you all. First for Isometric Training I've been busy writing new articles..including a detailed look at Static contraction methods. All the articles for that series will be up this month.

In addition I've taken a step I've never taken before... I've asked for help. I currently have someone working away on Isometric Mastery to clean up the layout and tidy things up a bit while adding in over 2 years worth of content that I've written up!!! More news on all of this in next week's newsletter.


May 31st -

Hard training in the dojo, followed by a 3k run in the park. Every 1k, 4 minutes HIIT of bodyweight callisthenics...Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups, Grasshoppers and back arches.


June 9th -

Emil recently watched the Dragon Snap Fitness Routine videos I posted in the Isometric Mastery Members Section. This was his comment - "Man you are like a machine :)"

Yes, yes I am. However, a LOT of people ask me about my fitness levels considering I mostly do Isometrics and very brief interval training.

The truth is I have a resting heart rate of between 35-42bpm.

I have a HRV of over 85, putting me into the Elite fitness territory, though not the Endurance Athlete category (yet! ;-D ).

To show this I strapped on a heart monitor the other day....check it out.

Check out these and OTHER EXCLUSIVE updates over at the Facebook Page - where you you can ask me your training questions!!! :-)

How to Download Your Videos and Guides

All you have to do is log on the Exclusive Subscribers only section of my website -


and enter the following password:


As you'll soon see Isometrics are AWESOME. Safe, effective, easy to learn and require nothing but you!

*Want MORE Isometirc Exercises?*

Great! I love enthusiasm! There's a range of free isometric exercises for each major body part here -

And if you want a complete Isometrics Training program and instructional guide you can pick up my best selling course -

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body -

Enjoy...and I'll see you next month with a new workout!

Train hard and train smart!

- Batman

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