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Hi, The Best Defence is a Good Offence
September 10, 2012

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

The Best Defence is a Good Offence.


As you may have read in the latest mail I sent out - there has been a LOT of buzz about the New Video Edition of my 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body course. Sadly, not all of this attention was positive and some malicious individuals attacked my websites, forcing me to take both my Perfect Body and Project Dragon Programs Off-line.

I was working FURIOUSLY to rectify the hacker's damage and bring the programs back on line. I was hoping to have it done today. I didn't.

I got it all back online last night. ;-)

Both the Perfect Body and Project Dragon programs are back online. You can once again access the system and I've taken steps to prevent a similar attack in the future. As you know over the last week I've been doing MAJOR upgrades to the Perfect Body program.

In short I've added 7 instructional DVD's with over 2 hours of HD Video footage to the course. It's one hell of an update and if you own Perfect Body you get it for free. I'm not charging you a single dime to get the new videos and some of the other bonus surprises. ;-)

However, as I've also mentioned for those THAT DON'T OWN 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body I'm going to be splitting the course into Deluxe (with the Videos) and Standard Versions (No videos). Obviously there will be a price difference.

I had planned for this split to occur on Friday with the last of the updates. But that didn't happen due to the actions of an unscrupulous and bitter person. But I'm fighting back. I had hoped to get the sites back up and running by the end of today. Instead I did it last night.

What's more - I'm on the Offensive now. I've finished all the UPDATES. All the new video material including a personal training video guide so you can follow along with me EACH day is up!!!

How awesome is that.

But rather than now introduce the price hike I'm going to extend the current price for a few more days and give as many of you as possible the opportunity to join the deluxe program at the lower standard version price.

Keep in mind that I used to sell the video series to 7 Seconds Abs and 7 Second Arms at $19.99 each. That means outside of the Perfect Body program itself it would cost an extra $139.93 to get all the videos I am going to give you now for nothing if you act now.

I won't let pathetic jealous people derail my efforts to share this material with you. You can get the complete $139.93 Video series for no extra if you pick up a copy of Perfect Body today at

I'm thinking about making this change over and increasing the price point of the program on Wed so I'd suggest getting Perfect Body ( before then.

If you already OWN Perfect Body - you are already getting these videos for free. Login now and enjoy!

Yours in health,


P.S. Here's the original email I sent explaining this new development. It's worth a read. ;-)


This is a VERY important email and I want you to read it fully. It's not long - but it's crucial you read it because I am making a MAJOR change to my revolutionary 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body program that will have a lasting impact on your health and fitness.


The scientific basis of isometric training's effectiveness in building strength and muscle in minimal time is rock solid. In fact, no other system of physique development or physical conditioning is shown to have close to the benefits of isometrics, as taught in my 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body program. No other program can produce:

-----> An increase in strength of over 38% with less than 25 seconds of training.

-----> Conclusive proof in over 5,000 independent clinical trials, that one can increase strength by 5-15% with a 7 second session.

-----> Increased strength up to 72% in 46 weeks with one 7 second contraction.

-----> A single 5 minute routine comprised of 10 7 second contractions that builds up to 9.3lbs of muscle tissue. (That's one 5 minute workout producing the amount of muscle tissue developed through conventional training after a minimum of 3 months).

And you can even stop training and MAINTAIN that improvement - even if you don't work again for over a year by up to 42%.

Further my Perfect Body isometrics DO NOT share the same health risks conventional training does. With isometrics you can LOWER blood pressure and strengthen your heart and lungs. Unlike conventional weight lifting which is known to damage and shear your joints and further can damage your heart (click here for more -

You know this. I know this. This method of training works faster (in as little as 5 seconds) and more effectively you can develop a year's strength and 3 months worth of muscle with a single workout. But...

Seeing is Believing

That's why I receive so many testimonials from people all over the world who have tried my program.

I frequently receive emails just like these....


Well Paul....get this lol, 3 weeks ago I could barely do 100lbs on the bench 8 times, now I can bench 140lbs 15 times haha. I gotta tell u the isometrics work!


Paul, I must say, after only two days, and two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, bodyweight training, and HIIT.


Hey Paul, first off I just want to say thanks for the program, I've only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before.


Hi Paul, I've been following your program now for a couple of months. I haven't missed a day. I am definitely stronger than I've ever been in my life and my weight's down to where I wanted it.



I have over 31 pages of these testimonials from people just like you who have used my methods to get stronger and fitter with just seconds of exercise....but as I said...

Seeing is Believing....

Which is why I launched this page - Isometric Results (, so you can SEE firsthand the incredible results my program produces. Go take a look at the results isometrics and SECONDS of exercise can produce. You can check it out here -


And that's really what I want to talk to you about...

You see, the Perfect Body Course is over 250 pages of cutting edge scientific information. I've over 280 pictures to guide you through the detailed descriptions for the dozens of incredibly effective exercises I teach you for each technique. But I want to do more, after all.

Seeing is Believing.

So what I've done is this -

-----> I have filmed 7 Dvd's worth of video instruction.

-----> I filmed breakdowns and detailed, multi-angle instruction for EVERY exercise I teach in the course, and even some I DON'T teach in the course. ;-)

-----> I have even filmed the EXCLUSIVE, never before committed to video, special warm up I use when training with SAS, SWAT, Navy Seals and more. This is the MOST effective and safe warm up routine on the planet....and to be frank, alone is worth the entire cost of my program....

And there's a few more surprises in store in over 1.5 hours of HD footage I've put together.

But I don't want to give away everything...because I want you to see this for yourself.

Now I mentioned the warm up was worth the investment in my program, which right now is $87 - but that price doesn't reflect the new footage, the 7 DVD'S and more.

But I am NOT charging ANYTHING EXTRA for this footage. That's right it's COMPLETELY FREE if you own Perfect Body already.

You see I have a small line on the sales page for Perfect Body when you invest in my programs I invest in you and I promise free upgrades for life. And yes, the program is updated - in fact we had a HUGE update in Feb of this year when I upgraded and reformatted the entire program. I'm a man of my word and every owner of Perfect Body was sent an invitation to join the new version of the program on Feb 1st. There was no cost for this, no additional charge. It was free.

And now I am going to the same thing - I am going to upgrade everyone to the NEW version of the program with OVER 1.5 HOURS of detailed HD Video footage for FREE.

But - and there is a but - it won't be free for new members. In less than a week I'll be splitting the program - a version without video at the current price and a version WITH video at a much HIGHER PRICE.

If you ALREADY OWN Perfect Body - DO NOTHING. You will get access to all the videos automatically.

If you DON'T OWN Perfect Body - GET IT NOW!!!

If you own it BEFORE the new version comes out later this week then you'll automatically be upgraded to the VIDEO Edition at no extra charge.

So what are you waiting for....

Go get 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body right now -

Becasue SEEING IS BELEIVING and for the first time you will get to SEE ME teach you my exercises as though I was RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!

Get the most revolutionary, scientifically proven strength building and physique sculpting program in the world with COMPLETE video instruction, right now for the LOWEST price it will EVER be released at.

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien


Seeing is believing, but I promise you, if you follow my program, in as little as 7 weeks you won't believe your eyes when you see your physique in the mirror.

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