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Hi, Slim in Seconds an Special
November 06, 2013

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Slim in Seconds Sneak Peak - an Special.

Hi ,

As EXCLUSIVE sneak peak at my new program, my revolutionary workout and nutritional program to lose up to (and over) 14lbs of fat in JUST 7 DAYS......

- Slim in Seconds -

My Exclusive 6 Week Program to SQUEEZE OUT YOUR FAT!

and it's get's even BETTER!!! Because I am going to share with an incredible FREE fitness resource that my student and fellow physical cultrist Jarell has developed

- The Physical Culture Club -

The Physical Culture club is a who's who of real physical culture enthusiasts, people who live and breath fitness and health, professionals and expert like me - on this page you can stay up to date with their Facebook feeds and blogs, see exclusive footage...


Check the page out NOW -

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien


Best of the Facebook Fan Page

Are you on my Isometric Facebook Fan Page yet? If not why not? I share loads of great training and nutritional tips, there are weekly Q and A's with me, motivation tips, and loads more besides. Get on over to

and LIKE it right now. Here's just some of what you missed....



Oct 10th -

Chris Long shares his Pefect Body training results - and they are STUNNING!!!!! I am extremely proud of what Chris has accomplished!!! Chris you're an inspiration to me and other Isometric Training enthusiasts. Damn proud of you bro. Damn proud. :-D


Sept 10th

"206 bones. 5 major organs. 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

All it takes is time.



Years, spent memorizing the finite ways there are to hurt and break a man.

Preparing for all of them.

I've escaped from every conceivable death-trap. Ten times. A dozen times. I can slow my breathing and metabolism to control panic and conserve air. Straitjacket's kindergarten. Locks, too.

Bench pressing a pine coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's filling your mouth crushing your lungs flat and shredding your dehydrated muscles. That's harder.

But far from impossible."

- Batman (words by Grant Morrison)

That's the reason I push myself to press more than 600lbs. That's why I push myself to the limits of my endurance and then ask more of myself.

Because I'm Batman.

What's your reason?


Sept 9th

Here's my guest article on Benjamin Bergman's Blog. Check it out! -

Check out these and OTHER EXCLUSIVE updates over at the Facebook Page - where you you can ask me your training questions!!! :-)


If you aren't on my Facebook page - you really should get on it. It's filled with tips, insights, new program info and my own workout progress and details.

Maximetric's Master's!

As you know I released my advanced muscle mass building program MAXIMETRICS ( and man are people excited - and already getting great results from the training... check out the comments and feedback I've been getting...

" Hi Paul, I did my first Maximetrics workout yesterday -

WOOOW, that was the most intense workout I've ever done in my life, was shaking all over, in pain and probably lost 2lb in sweat in less than 12 minutes :)

I tried to follow your Maximetrics video sessions with 8 times of 10secs contractions per set with 5 secs rest in between contractions. Man, you must be extremely fit, as on your videos you managed to stay quite stable all the way through and kept within your 4sec rests in-between!"

- Emil


"Hi Paul

I just wanted to write this email to say Congratulations on Maximetrics. I recently posted on the PB forum asking a question on re-learning to contract a muscle after surgery. I was planning on waiting to purchase Maximetrics until I had gained some strength back in my shoulder, but the temptation was too much. I tried the contractions in Maximetrics and was able to contract my shoulder and back much better than with the isolation iso's. I will be sticking to Maximetrics for a while then back to PB once i feel more strength in my shoulder.

Thanks you Paul



"Hi Paul,

I´ve downloaded Maximetrics today. It seems fantastic! Congratulations!!!!

- Felipe"


BUT the best report yet came from the Facebook page fan Elizabeth Chen -

"I've actually taken my time over the last couple days to absorb all the info and practice the exercises without going all out yet (super intense just doing it, and I wasn't even getting serious with it yet!). And it's been SUPER helpful to go through all of this, as I realized that I actually wasn't going to "positive failure" and giving it my all on the 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body exercises, which makes a lot of sense to me now!

Have been applying what I learned over the last couple days to the 7 Sec. exercises and REALLY feel the difference. It's kind of amazing to me that I've been able to get such good results even despite not giving it my all previously, in that I lost all the weight I gained during my pregnancy 2 weeks after giving birth. I had done isometrics a lot during the pregnancy and they also helped me heal up and get back in shape, along with doing jujitsu twice a week since the baby turned 6 months old.

Am ready to take my body and fitness to the next level with this now, am really looking forward to it! Am planning on doing my first "Maximetrics" workout today, and will report back the results I get in the next couple weeks for ya! "

and then she updated a day later....

"OK, just finished first workout. Love it. Will follow up with results in a couple more weeks after a few more workouts!"

I can't wait to see Elizabeth's progress. She's going to be phenomenal. :-)

You can get the SAME program that these people are LOVING - right now -

MAXIMETRICS - Take Your Life to the MAX!

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