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Hi, Perfect Body Gone
January 28, 2012

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Hi and welcome to this Special Edition of 7 Seconds to Strength, the Isometric-Training.Com newsletter

In 3 days, on Jan 31st I am removing 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body and all existing copies will be disabled. Now don’t panic – there’s a good reason for this. It’s also the reason I’ve been a bit quieter lately.

If you’ve been following on Facebook ( then you’ll know I’ve made a series of major announcements. Here’s a recap in case you missed it.

1st Major Announcement: Mac and mobile editions of Perfect Body and Project Dragon will go live this year, before March!

2nd Major Announcement; I'll be drastically changing the appearance of the website starting in Feb.

3rd Major Announcement I am delighted and privileged to let everyone know that I shall be marrying the love of my life and own personal wonder woman on the 28th December 2012. As such 2012 has already become my favourite year ever. ;-D It also means I'll be turning up the training and getting in the best shape of my life you get to follow it.

4th Major Announcement - in 2012 I will FINALLY be opening new slots in my personal coaching program. So I can work with you one on one. I'm currently building a new system to handle all this too! (hence why I’ve been a bit quite) ;-D

5th Major Announcement - by the end of March you will NO LONGER be able to get the Perfect Body or Project Dragon programs in their current format. In less than 12 weeks time the current ebooks will be gone for good.

Well, just like my fitness Programs and Perfect Body accelerate the results you can achieve, so too is my timetable for these announcements changing.

I’m taking down the sales page for Perfect Body shortly and all the ebooks currently being used will be disabled on midnight Jan 31st. Sadly this isn’t my call. Ebook Pro and the IMC who host my ebooks are shutting down that aspect of their company – I’ve got no say in the matter – but what I have done is better.

I've built an ENTRIE new site, dedicated to Perfect Body. You’ll get;

Online course access – which means you can access the program now via your PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, smartphone etc. • All the original content
Updated content
• New videos (which will be added to EACH chapter over the coming weeks), including…
Specialized commentary going into greater detail on certain aspects of the program
• Video demonstrations of the Perfect Body workouts and
Bonus material on diet and nutrition
• And finally, the opportunity to get personal coaching in the Perfect Body system from me.

With all the extra’s I’m throwing in to this course – it’s going to be more expansive and more expensive than the current one. However – there’s a loophole.

If you check out the Perfect Body Sales page ( you’ll see that one of the bonuses you currently get is lifetime upgrades at NO additional cost.

I’m honouring that commitment to all my customers past and present – and I’ll honour it with you.

That means if, in, the next 3 days, before MIDNIGHT JANUARY 31ST, you pick up a copy of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body you will get the current ebook and bonus books which you can access immediately and then FREE transfer to the NEW membership site.

So that’s the deal.

Pick up Perfect Body today here – And you automatically get in to the more expensive program after the 31st.

Get your copy today, because in 3 days you just won’t be able to at the current price.

Go to ---->

All the best, your isometric expert and personal trainer,

Paul J.O'Brien

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