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Hi, a Motivation E-book, It's All Yours.
September 13, 2011

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Hi and welcome to this September Edition of 7 Seconds to Strength, the Isometric-Training.Com newsletter

Why do you want to be in shape?

I was asked recently by Dublin personal trainer and fellow martial artist Dave Hedges of the Wild Geese

about motivation recently. Dave was putting together a compilation of advice and input from the top trainers in the field, guys like Mark Stapleton, Mick Coup, Mike Mahler, Scott Sonnon, Tim Anderson, myself and many more.

Itís an excellent book, and one I highly recommend, and funnily, for me, couldnít have come at a better time. Iím preparing for a major martial arts event in the UK this weekend. Iíll be training continuously in a variety of koryu (intense, traditional Japanese martial arts), from 9-6 during a two day intensive period that will culminate in an assessment of my performance in front of the highest ranking sensei in Europe. With all this, the last thing I needed was an injury. Sadly, thatís exactly what happened. I strained my elbow 2 weeks ago, and while I can and have repaired it using acupuncture, the set back and few days off training did get to me. Thatís when Dave emailed me the finished edit of the motivation book.

Reading it, my self-indulgence and self-pity was burnt away in the fire of the passionate words others had shared and contributed to the book. Instead of sulking I got psyched. Instead of mopping and holding my arm I took the opportunity to train the un-injured parts of me. Instead of being an insipid fool I was inspired. Iím now heading into this training camp with enthusiasm and in excellent shape. You can avail of the same info to keep you revved up and motivated, as Dave has kindly let me share the book my subscribers (thatís you) for f*ree! You can download it here -

My isometrics and project dragon have served me well, I am strengthened and fit. Iím looking forward to using the body Iíve built in new ways and am excited to learn new skills this coming weekend. Iíll share how I got on with all of you in the next newsletter, but if you want the faster updates, and a background look at my training, then check out the Isometric-Training Facebook page Ė

In this issue, following the martial arts theme, Iíve uploaded my latest article in the Martial Arts series, this time on Forearm Development. You know, Forearms are crucial to nearly EVERY activity you engage in, training or otherwise. Youíll find out why below Ė itís my secret to the vast displays of strength I perform tooÖ

Thereís also another GREAT article from Tom Venuto on why Cardio doesnít work for some Ė and yes, what he says here is completely applicable to the techniques I teach in Project Dragon. Finally, I also want to highlight the new TRAINING LOGS section of the site Ė you can log and share your own progress on and you get feedback from me too!!! Iíve got a terrific featured trainee below and speaking of motivation Ė his results even motivate ME, itís THAT IMPRESSIVE!!!

With that Iíll let you enjoy the issue Ė Iím off to train ;-)

All the best, your isometric expert and personal trainer,

Paul J.O'Brien

Isometric Training for Forearm Development

Strengthen Small Muscles for a Big Impact

Isometric Training for Forearm Development is an odd article to include in the Martial Arts section, but I think by the end youíll understand why I feel this is an important topic to cover. Traditionally speaking many vitally important parts of the body are left out in conventional training programs. Most often our trouble areas and mirror muscles are given focus Ė Guys focus on building big chests, wide backs, and thick legs or women working for tight toned triceps and slim thighs. Often this leads to muscle imbalance and reduction of functional natural movement and strength. For instance over developed pecs reduce shoulder flexion and limit range of motion. They are also of little use for the athlete or marital artist. Perhaps youíve heard the phrase, ďA chain is as strong as its weakest linkĒ. In the kinetic chain of the body, for many one of the neglected muscles are those of the forearm. Which is odd, considering itís such a vital muscle group needed for the majority of exercises people perform and vital for the martial arts. To understand the importance of Isometric Training for Forearm Development letís point out exactly why it is necessary. One of the 3 primary techniques of weight lifting is....

Find out why fantastic forearms are a must have here -

Why Cardio Doesnt Work For Some People

A NEAT Explanation By Tom Venuto

At the Burn the Fat Inner Circle member forums, I get a question which comes up with alarming frequency: ďWhy isnít my cardio working?Ē Despite not only doing regular cardio for weeks, but actually increasing the duration of her workouts, one member still saw no added fat loss and started wondering what she was doing wrongÖ or what was wrong with her! I gave her the surprisingly simple answer, which Iíve printed for you as well in this article and new research has added even more to the answer Ė itís a NEAT explanationÖ

How is it possible that some people do tons of cardio and donít lose weight? Simple:....

To find out click here -

Reader's Training Log

Fitness Logs are one of the most important tools in transforming your physique and maintaining a strong, healthy body and mind. Iíve kept a fitness log for over 15 years now, detailing my experiments, my progress, results and more. Itís been a wonderfully motivating tool and Iíve learnt an awful lot from it. Itís kept me on track, goal focused and allowed me to see subtle changes I would otherwise have missed, helping me to stay motivated.

In fact fitness logs are so important that itís one of the first steps I recommend in both my Perfect Body and Project Dragon courses. Iíve published excerpts from my fitness journal in the past, but never a complete edition. Today that changes.

This is the new fitness logs section and it will contain not just MY fitness logs, but hopefully yours too.

You add your own fitness log here -

With that out of the way you can check out this AWESOME training log submitted by isometric enthusiast and Perfect Body trainee - Jarell. It's called "The Black Phoenix: A Story of Rebirth" and it's really inspiring.

Check it out here -

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