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Hi, Maximetrics Q and A Tonight
May 29, 2013

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Maximetrics Q&A Tonight!.


I've been getting a flurry of emails asking loads of questions and it's a bit overwhelming - so I've decided to answer all of them - AND YOUR LIVE QUESTIONS tonight!!!! I can't wait for it!

Come to THIS PAGE -

for a A LIVE Q&A about my NEW Maximetrics Program

Tonight 4pm Pacific Time

(11pm if you're in Ireland like me).

I'll be online for an hour or so taking your questions and I'll be recording it for the site later on in case you miss it!

As I mentioned, I've received LOADS of questions already via email BUT you can POST your questions in the FACEBOOK and WP comments section on the page and I'll go through them as well...

So far I've been asked stuff like...

What type of results did I get and where are the pictures? How Maximetrics compares to Project Dragon? When will it be released? Do you need to go to gym or equipment or can it be done at home? Does this program deal with your hormones for building muscle / losing weight... and more...

SO add your questions below and I'll respond to as many as I can!

Get asking your questions over on -

Also if people like the Live Video format I may just do more of them.... ;-)


If you aren't on my Facebook page - you really should get on it. It's filled with tips, insights, new program info and my own workout progress and details.

All the best and talk soon,

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien

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