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Hi, Less than 4 hours Left - Last Chance
December 20, 2013

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Less than 4 hours Left - Last Chance.

OK, we are getting down to the wire now... in just about 4 hours I am going to close down the Slim in Seconds launch special.

This is literally your last chance to jump on board and take advantage of the big savings AND the extra bonuses and a chance to get the system before it is released to general public later next year.

If you act now, you could have the key to the body of your dreams, super human strength and fitness and unbeatable health in just a few minutes. Here is the link:

Unfortunately, I know there are some people reading this email right now that will procrastinate for one reason or another, and will miss this opportunity to save big and get a bunch of extra bonuses. (Including those I haven’t even announced yet).

But even worse, for every day that they wait they continue to let their health fail, their heart and lungs deteriorate and to become progressive weaker and FATTER. If they choose not to – they will ask by the time the course is re-released would they have achieved their goals? Would they have the LEAN body, fitness and health they desire now? Of course they would. But if they don’t act now, they’ll just be fatter, weaker, and have a longer road to travel on to get fit and in-shape.

Don't be one of those people... go here now:

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien


I have gotten several emails from people who absolutely LOVE what they are doing with Slim in's just a few comments I've received.....

"Just from the wonderfully Amazing videos you shared I have lost two inches and improved digestion as well...even stronger back !! Nailed my workout with improved health - Thanks Batman"

- Bill

"What I've seen so far Batman is awesome !!"

- Steve

"Bought SIS...and have read it twice now. Very good program with a ton of info. Congrats on another great program!!"

- Nick

And do you know what the crazy thing is...they have only just started! - just wait till they feel the incredible power Slim in Seconds unleashes, the amazing physical and internal transformations the system produces and the undeniable positivity that comes from achieving in just DAYS what others spend years trying to achieve without result.

You'll also get to see for a very short time my REAL TIME WEIGHT LOSS VIDEO where I drop an insane 17lbs of fat in ONLY 7 DAYS!

Check it out -

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