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June 01, 2012

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Hi and welcome to this Special Edition of 7 Seconds to Strength, the Isometric-Training.Com newsletter

Bad News - it's likely that I will HAVE to pull Project Dragon a day early. I'm on the last 17 open slots.

We are getting down to the wire now... I guess in less than 24 hours I am going to close down the Project Dragon launch special. This is literally your last chance to jump on board and take advantage of the big savings AND the extra bonuses and a chance to get the system before it is released to the general public later this year.

I've also added a split payment option for those that have emailed me regarding this. If I can help more people access the info by splitting the payments as asked, then that's what I'll do!

If you act now, you could have a the knowledge to get the body of your dreams, super human strength and fitness and unbeatable health in just a few minutes. Here is the link:

Unfortunately, I know there are some people reading this email right now that will procrastinate for one reason or another, and will miss this opportunity to save big and get a bunch of extra bonuses. (Including those I haven't even announced yet).

But even worse, for every day that they wait they continue to let their health fail, their heart and lungs deteriorate and to become progressive weaker. If they choose not to - they will ask by the time the course is re-released would they have achieved their goals? Would they have the body, fitness and health they desire now?

Of course they would.

But if they don't act now, they'll just be fatter, weaker, and have a longer road to travel on to get strong, fit and in-shape.

Don't be one of those people... go here now:

Paul J.O'Brien

Connect with me on: Facebook : Facebook: Twitter:!/DublinAcu YouTube:

P.S. Don't forget, I have any amazing guarantee that literally removes ALL the risk from your decision. Getting the body, strength, fitness and health of your dreams using this system is literally a "can't miss" proposition.

Try it for 90 days, if you aren't happy, you get all your money back.

Here is the link again:

PPS: I just had to find some place to squeeze in some of the wonderful comments that I have been getting from the people who have already jumped on board and gotten the Project Dragon system:

------------ Hi Paul,


I have thoroughly read through the Project Dragon e-book and, as promised, I would like to share my thoughts with you....Project Dragon is, without doubt, the most thorough treatise on advanced training I have ever read.

What you have given us is sensational.

There is no better word to describe it. Paul, I can do this.

You promised to turn the training world on its ear. You have. Oh, you'll ruffle a few feathers in the conventional training camps, no doubt of that. Let the naysayers neigh. I'd love to be there to witness all the squawking and flapping. ;~)



Got project dragon and its great, lots mind opening info....You are changing the way fitness is thought of My only regret is I have not heard of this 30 years ago it would have saved me a lot of money on useless programs.

Many Thanks

Randy ------------

Hey Paul. Your book was amazing Paul....



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