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Hi, Do Isometrics Really Work?
July 05, 2011

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Hi and welcome to this June Edition of 7 Seconds to Strength, the Isometric-Training.Com newsletter

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In this issue we have some AWESOME content – some Perfect Body trainees have sent in pics of what they look like now - they’ve put on over 15lbs of muscle using Perfect Body! Amazing is not the word…, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In other news the Isometric Training Facebook Fan Page is doing really well. I've recently updated the whole of and part of that update included adding Facebook and Twitter "like" links to every page and article.

It's my hope that we'll be able to build a closer isometric community, share fitness and health tips and more. Already it's doing quite well, with examples of my workouts, diet and more up, along with great interaction with other isometric enthusiasts.

The BIG NEWS is that I'm using the Facebook fan page to give people heads up on new articles, and upcoming Specials and COMPETITIONS! If you want to get the up to date news, and first shot at the very exciting comps I have lined up get on over to Facebook and become a fan now -

I really hope that the Isometric-Training fan page will be a great place to share experiences, training, diet and motivation and bring the isometric-community together. Check it out, post your comments and get liking and sharing -

All the best, your isometric expert and personal trainer,

Paul J.O'Brien

Isometric Exercise Results

Can You Really Transform Your Body Using Isometrics?

Yes, yes you can, I did and continue to perfect my physique and people just like you can too. You can turn your body form flabby and fat to ripped with real world strength with just seconds of exercise.

In this article I’ll show you exactly that. What’s more I’m going to share with you the pictures to prove it. (There’s more amazing pics below).

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Yeah, of course – heard it before, and I’m surprised to hear it from you, weren’t you the one always going on about analytical evidence, science based strength solutions?”

If that’s your reaction I’m delighted. It shows....

To continue and see the amazing transformations click here -

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