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Hi, Having Equal Measurement
March 10, 2014

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Having Equal Measurement.

Okay - HILARIOUS news...FACEBOOK BANNED a post I made last Friday. Basically the results people are getting from Slim in Seconds are "unbelievable!"


But Creating UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS is what we do, right?

Now that post, also contained an offer and it's not fair that Facebook decided that you don't get to see it. So here it is -


Okay...2 days ago it was Pancake Tuesday. A day where people eat WAY too much sugar, in the belief that they'll stop eating junk food the next day. 96% of people have quit that already by today and have succumbed to eating crap. Keep reading....I have AWESOME stuff to share.

2 days ago I got an email from Nicholas, it read;

"Finished a cycle of Slim in Seconds. I am down 10 pounds (total) and 6% body fat. Lost 3 inches off my waist alone and definitely added some muscle."

That's some pretty AWESOME results right there.

Now I wasn't planning this - this probably won't even make it to my newsletter list....BUT....

Here's an added incentive for keeping your lent vow and staying in awesome shape. I'm going to re-open Slim in Seconds - this is the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR I am opening up slots.

I plan to keep this open for a week. That's it.

Slim in Seconds is a 6 week program - a 42 day program. Would you like to lose 6% body fat or more by the time lent is through? Want to build an incredible body? Well then what are you waiting for.....

Now, in the meantime here's the articles, new workouts....

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien

New on

I've a new article on for you to check out -

The Definition of Nutrition Part 1 - Having Equal Measure

The Definition of Nutrition is;

...the selection of foods and preparation of foods, and their ingestion to be assimilated by the body. By practising a healthy diet, many of the known health issues can be avoided...(Wikipedia)

And that's fine, but it doesn't tell you that much. I mean...

How do you select your foods? What criteria do you use? How are you preparing them (cooked, raw, juiced?) And what the heck is a healthy diet?

Over the next few articles I am going to share with you my definition of nutrition and better still directly and concretely answer your questions regarding food and nutrition.

The Isometric Diet....learn more here -

Members ONLY content

Meanwhile there's a load of new exclusive content for those in my Inner Circle - Isometric Mastery!

Master Your Meals - Habit 3 of the Dragon Nutritional Program-

In my clinic, I teach the 10 nutritional Habits of Dr. John Berardi from his Precision Nutrition course. If you do nothing but apply these ten tips, you will have a thorough understanding of what to eat, when to eat and why; any time, anywhere and for any physique goal you wish, be it weight loss or weight gain. I cannot stress how highly I recommend that course and you can pick up your own copy here - Precision Nutrition System

However, as these principals are so utterly crucial, I'd like to spend a chapter going through them with you and helping you to integrate these into your life. I've changed the order around a little and go into some more detail than Dr. Berardi, but here is key habit number 3;

Read more here - your-meals/habit-3-dragon-nutrition/


Master Your Metabolism - Reversing Disease with the Dragon Fitness Program:

1. Increase Your Lung Volume 2. A Suggestion for Improving Your Lungpower

As a Traditional Chinese Medical Physician, Acupuncturist and KORE Therapist, I see a multitude of chronic health problems in my clinic. Many of them are caused by structural problems and in the bonus material accompanying this course I'll be showing some methods of re-aligning the spine and hips and restoring pelvic integrity. Often, these structural problems are caused by long, endurance-based exercise. These long slow 'workouts,' as we've also noted, can lead to weaknesses of the heart, lungs and immune system, and;



Phase 1 - Free Weight Workout (NEW WORKOUT)

Master Your Muscles - Video Workout !!!

The following bonus appendix features video demonstrations of the PHASE 1 Machine Based Workout. Here I will review how to perform PHASE 1 of the Dragon Strength Training Routine on common gym machines. I will describe how to ACTUALLY use the machines, and point out how correct alignment will benefit you. You'll then see a video of the workout being performed with specific notes on the video.

Watch closely and train hard......

Best of the Facebook Fan Page

Are you on my Isometric Facebook Fan Page yet? If not why not? I share loads of great training and nutritional tips, there are weekly Q and A's with me, motivation tips, and loads more besides. Get on over to

and LIKE it right now. Here's just some of what you missed....

Feb 21st -

Funny story; I have a young man in my clinic who recently began doing Perfect Body to get bigger muscles. He's been following the program and and noticing an growth in his legs, calves, chest etc...but he was really bummed out because his arms weren't getting bigger. So I measured them and lo and behold over an inch of growth in 3 weeks! The reason he hadn't' noticed was simple - everything else was getting bigger and more muscular too! So here's my trainer tip for this week - MEASURE YOURSELF. You'll be shocked when you see the differences a 2 week period can make.

Feb 3rd -

This is awesome. There is no excuse. Just look at this guy. Inspirational.


Check out these and OTHER EXCLUSIVE updates over at the Facebook Page - where you you can ask me your training questions!!! :-)

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As you'll soon see Isometrics are AWESOME. Safe, effective, easy to learn and require nothing but you!

*Want MORE Isometirc Exercises?*

Great! I love enthusiasm! There's a range of free isometric exercises for each major body part here -

And if you want a complete Isometrics Training program and instructional guide you can pick up my best selling course -

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Enjoy...and I'll see you next month with a new workout!

Train hard and train smart!

- Batman

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