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Hi, Fraud and Scandal Shocker
July 11, 2011

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Hi and welcome to this July Edition of 7 Seconds to Strength, the Isometric-Training.Com newsletter

What an insanely productive month! By far the most productive one Iíve had this year, hopefully, that will change and this month will out do it.

Youíve probably noticed some of the major changes to over the last few weeks. Iíve been cleaning up the site and re-organising it, making the 200+ articles on the site much easier to find. In addition, Iíve added a third column to the site, updated and the back end mechanics a little and most importantly created 2 new forums for my Perfect Body and Project Dragon trainees.

Each of these forums are private access, meaning you have to own the program to get the password to get in there. They are however, filled with awesome tips, and exclusive additional content. In fact, only to day I added a step by step 49 day isometric program for a Perfect Body reader. More content will be added to the forums from the huge treasure trove of additional material Iíve written for the programs in the last few years (the additional content for Perfect Body now extends beyond a 1,000 pages). In the meantime, all your questions are appreciated and will be answered.

Speaking of private access Ė I realised I SENT the WRONG Password to Exclusive Subscriber Download Page out in the last issue. The new details are below! Sorry for the confusion everyone!

Finally, this is of course the 1st official newsletter in the new system. If youíve joined us for this great, welcome on board to this new and exciting phase of

There are lots more huge updates planned in the coming weeks and I canít wait for you guys to see it. Iíll keep you posted, but if youíre impatient and canít wait youíll get the sneak peaks and awesome training advice on the official facebook page here Ė

In this issue, Iíve got a MAJOR and HILARIOUS article for you on FRAUD PHOTOS!!!! Seriously, this is genius and a HUGE SURPRISE INSIDE Ė I canít wait for you guys to read this one and get your comments. ;-)

As always another excellent article from Tom Venuto, and some more reader comments and questions. Letís get to it...

All the best, your isometric expert and personal trainer,

Paul J.O'Brien

Fraud and Scandal

Jarret James Personal Trainer IS A FRAUD Ė and today Iíll tell you why.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. They are wrong. Theft is. Or so I realised quite recently. It was only a week ago that I was discussing website updates to with my brother, whereupon he remarked that heíd been meaning to show me a new application heíd been working on. This program would seek out any images you owned, finding similar ones or even the same one had it been used elsewhere. And so this is how I found out about Londonís "TOP" personal trainer, Mr. Jarret James.

Before I explain how Jarret James Personal Trainer IS A FRAUD let me share something with you. Youíll see why itís relevant soon. Iím proud....

To continue and the scandalous pictures click here -

The Secret of Calories

What No One Is Telling You About Calories In VS Calories Out By Tom Venuto

I'm going to share with you the most crucial weight loss strategy that will literally make or break your success. This is the number one fat loss tip I could ever give you. If you don't get this right, you can kiss your fat loss results goodbye. This is the one absolute requirement for weight loss, and itís something youíve probably heard of before. However, thereís one critical distinction about this familiar advice that you might not have considered - and this one thing makes all the difference in the world...

To find out click here -

Reader's Questions - Does Muscle Turn to Fat?

This is Readers Questions Section, where each issue I'll highlight a new question and provide you with a detailed answer...Feel free to contact me with your questions here -

This week is a series of questions from a reader named Fred, and it's a topic that creates a lot of confusion, and I suspect many of you readers will have asked this at some point. I'll let Fred take over from here....

Fred asks:

Hey Paul, Hope you're well. And by the likes of your successful internet activity, you are. A quick few questions for you: I hear in some publications that they mention two things that appear strange to me: - Muscle converting to fat - 'Permanent fat' How much truth is there to this? Can muscle really 'degenerate' into fat if unused, or under other circumstances?

And is there such a thing as 'permanent' fat, that cannot be removed? Also, while I'm at it, I've noticed some trainers sell programmes on the internet that go into great detail about diet, claiming that each person has to have a very specific diet related to their body type and a host of other factors, in order to ascertain just the right amounts of what kinds of foods, vitamins, etc. to eat - otherwise, no results, or very few, will appear. It all seems so complicated, and much like a marketing ploy, but they make it sound so real. How much truth is there to this? Thanks and regards,


Here's my Answer:

Hi Fred,

The 2 questions you've asked below should be clarified, and they can be answered quite simply.

Muscle tissue cannot degenerate into fat. It's not physically or biologically possible. What occurs is that when muscle is unused, and combined with poor diet the body no longer feels the need to expend needed resources on high maintenance muscle tissue that is serving n purpose. In addition if the body does not receive adequate nutrition - eg a steady and consistent supply of protein, it will take it from the unused protein rich muscle tissue. The body breaks down the muscle tissue and uses protein for the benefit of the whole organism. As a result of the loss of muscle tissue you lose metabolically active tissue, and now you need less calories.

However - people continue to eat and consume the same amount of calories without the same amount of calorie burning muscle tissue and as such now ingest far more calories than they need - as a result they increase in body fat. Hence why people say muscle turns to fat - it doesn't - the loss of muscle means you no longer need the calories being consumed and excess calories leads to fat. Reduce you calories inline with the loss if muscle and you don't gain fat.

We naturally lose muscle as we get older (unless we're using isometrics or other forms of training to build and preserve it), hence the middle age spread and increase in fat, despite not eating anymore than normal. This is also the reason why athletes get fatter once they stop playing sports - they're eating the same amount of food but doing less and losing muscle tissue.

On permanent fat - yes there is such a thing - but again totally misunderstood. There are a number of different fats in the body, the fat surrounding your nerves, the fat surrounding your organs, brown fat and white fat (the difference in color due to different chemical composition and rates of burning). Brown fat is very slow to burn and be used, white fat is faster to use. Brown fat co-incidentally is most stored on the the area of the lower abs an glutes and thighs. But both can be reduced significantly through diet and exercise reducing the amount of adipose (fat underneath the skin) that prevents muscle definition showing through.

Finally, the actual cells that are created by fat, are permanent - once built they are there for life, unless cut out of you. BUT - that doesn't mean they are always full. Think of a balloon. The thin rubber of the balloon is like the outer wall of the fat cell. If the balloon is empty, it's extremely thin and small, taking up no space. If I fill that balloon with water it becomes big large and wobbly. Just like a cell filled with fat in the body. If you eat right and exercise right your body will deplete and empty those cells of fat (empty the balloon of water) and you'll be slim and lean - the cells are still there, but they are flat and empty. If you over eat, stop training those cells will refill and you'll get fat again. Continue on like that and your body will build new fat cells.

Make sense?

Is there truth to a person specific diet - ABSOLUTELY. Do you need to do that to get results - ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Let me explain. Both in western medicine and eastern medicine people are recognized as unique and they are better with some foods than others - in the west for instance, those who have poor insulin response should avoid high sugar. those who cannot process wheat, celiac should avoid it, the same is true of dairy intolerance and lactose etc. In the east this is also true, depending on your individual constitution you may need more or less of some foods and vitamins than someone else. Your balance is unique to you and changes with time and health.

However this is utterly IRRELEVANT for 99.9999999% of people. Because they are so wrong in the basics that making tiny changes like your micro nutrient balance is totally pointless. It's like spitting in the ocean.

Regardless of the MINOR and subtle difference in each person there are certain principles that apply to EVERYONE. Making these the foundation of your diet (and they are easy and simple) will give you a better body and better health than most. Once these principles are lived by you can then if you want to take it to the highest possible level (Olympic athlete, professional athlete, dragon.etc) make these minor customization's. That's when things get complex. But it's like trying to fly when you can't crawl.

Don't worry about the details - get the basics right and you'll get 99.9% of the results you want. That's how I teach my clients and forms the basis of the nutritional program I teach in Project Dragon.

Hope that helps.



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