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Hi, Burn 7,000 kcals in 1 Workout. Method Inside.
September 02, 2014

Welcome to 7 Seconds to Strength

Burn 7,000 kcals in 1 Workout. Method Inside. .


Following the Awesome FAQ last week ( if you missed search your inbox for Subject: "How to Build Mass and Burn Fat at the Same Time"). If you can't find it, just email me.

Back to this promised I have brilliant article for you on Isometrics and Weight Loss - how using these simple exercises can burn a MASSIVE amount of calories fast. Check it out and as always let me know your thoughts, comments and questions! ;-)

Talk Soon,

Paul 'Batman' O'Brien

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As you'll soon see Isometrics are AWESOME. Safe, effective, easy to learn and require nothing but you!

*Want MORE Isometric Exercises?*

Great! I love enthusiasm! There's a range of free isometric exercises for each major body part here -

And if you want a complete Isometrics Training program and instructional guide you can pick up my best selling course -

7 Seconds to A Perfect Body -

Train hard and train smart!

- Batman

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