Bruce Lee Muscle Tone?

by Jason

I am 15 weigh some where around 125-130 and i heard bruce lee could bench press 400 pounds when he weighed 125 pounds. Some people say how is that even possible since he had such small arms. I want to know how to make this possible. My arms are small not bulky i want to be able to bench 400 pounds without big bulky arms i do not really want to increase my muscle mass greatly. I heard he toned the muscle alot. Does toning Give strength???

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May 20, 2010
Thank you.
by: Jason

I see i do push ups but i try not to do so much because i really dont want big arms but i still want small arms that can produce great power speed and strength. and for toning i heard bruce did alot of that but why? did he just tone for the looks or does toning actually help with fighting? does it give more strength/speed etc.

May 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

It will take time, you should do boxing then some other martial arts like Wing chun to understand the concept of speed, people did not understand bruce, all he wanted to be strong and fast, the best way to get a physic like that is to start by doing pull ups and push ups (I use to do 400 of each, I was 15 years old)only for the arms. For the stomach do sit ups and then try and learn the dragon flag, for the legs do lots of squats and a lot of cardio exercises like running and skipping, try do this everyday, and then after you have achieved a beneficial amount of push-ups pull ups(learn to do 150 0f these)and sit ups and squats etc..
And the do weight training, but not every day but once after a day

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